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General conditions of sale
Latest information: 01/09/2020

Welcome to the general conditions of kbaa products and services. By verifying these conditions at the time of ordering, you can ensure that you have read the general conditions carefully.

For any questions, you can contact us before ordering:

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Page: 1 definition

"Kbaa Council; society; we"Kbaa Conseil, 75015 Paris, with its head office at 11 Rommel street, registered under siren: 881170492.

"Site" Specify the site to visit from the URL link www.kikikickz.com Related websites edited by kbaa consulting company to introduce and sell its various services;

"Services"This refers to any services provided by kbaa consulting in the form of different types of subscription, including product pre selection, consulting and training services, which can be accessed from the dedicated online space.

"Output"The company may deliver the goods in near new quality conditions, but only for the goods listed in its subscription tender, including a pair of sneakers shoes.

"Users" Specify anyone who uses the site.

"Customer; you"2. Natural person or legal person refers to the contractor. Customers can be individuals or professionals, depending on the service.

"General conditions; CG" Specify the terms of the contractual relationship between kbaa consultants and their clients, including the contents of these attachments and any locations they may refer to.

Page: 1 A. Purpose and acceptance of general conditions

The general condition is that kbaa consulting company subscribes to the service and sells products on the website.

CG access
The general conditions are available at any time on the website and will be published in any other version as appropriate. These general conditions take effect from the date of the update listed in the title of this document.

CG acceptance
Accept the general conditions when verifying the customer order. At the time of payment, the customer fully accepts these general conditions. Customers who accept the general conditions guarantee that they are able to enter into contracts in accordance with French law and, if necessary, state that they have obtained the necessary authorization and supervision of their parents when using the site and / or acting as the agent of the person to whom they are committed. The customer orders for personal purposes only and states that it will not sell, distribute or lease to third parties the products and services received within the scope of different orders. If the customer does not comply with this commitment, it will be prosecuted.

By accepting, the Customer acknowledges that prior to any order, he has received sufficient information and advice from kbaa's on-site consultants to enable him to ensure that the contents of the order meet the customer's needs.

Change CG
Kbaa attorneys reserve the right to modify some of these general conditions at any time in accordance with the conditions prescribed by law. Changes to the resume can be effected by setting up an account and / or a purchase order for website users and customers who have joined the resume. If there are changes to this document, it applies to the version on the website when the customer orders. A copy of the resume applicable to their order is available at any time.

Page: 1 Subscription period

Each subscription is provided at the time of ordering with a clearly defined minimum period. The subscription start date is the date specified in the customer order confirmation email. At the end of the subscription, the subscription shall continue in the same default manner except for termination under the following conditions.

Kbaa reserves the possibility of changing the price of the service according to the subscription period selected by the customer, which is explicitly accepted by the customer. Customers can only charge from other times outside the subscription period.

Customers choose the most suitable subscription time according to the rate on the day of order. The customer has a firm and irreversible commitment to the selected minimum subscription period and can only cancel the subscription for the future.

Customers may terminate their service subscription at least 15 calendar days prior to the default extension date. Any termination less than 15 calendar days prior to the end of this period is not permitted unless otherwise agreed with the kbaa board of directors.

Termination takes effect at the end of the subscription period in progress, which is the date of automatic update. In this case, the customer will not be able to get service from that date. Unless otherwise agreed with the kbaa board of directors, any initial subscription period shall be paid in full, regardless of when the customer requests to terminate the subscription.

The provisions on implied continuation of service contracts in the consumer law are set out in the annex to the general terms and conditions.

Page: 1 command

service subscription
There are instructions on how to subscribe and how much to pay. www.kikikickz.com The basic features of each subscription are reminded in the control page. The customer selects one or more subscriptions that can be subscribed online and fills in the subscription form.

Product control
The advance order of any product shall be within the scope of existing stock and within the time limit specified on the date of advance order, constituting a mandatory and irreversible order for the product. The main features of the product, including product specifications, specifications and specifications for size or capacity, are published on the website. The customer must know this information before any advance order or order. Pictures and photos can show the product in a new version, while reminding that the product is second-hand and rarely worn.

Choosing and purchasing products is the sole responsibility of the customer. The customer must refer to the description of each product to understand the nature, basic characteristics and delivery time of the product and, in the case of continuous or periodic delivery of the goods, the minimum duration of the proposed contract.

The quoted price of the product is within the range of on hand stock specified at the time of ordering. The products provided on the website are valid for a limited period of time, and the specific date is specified in the customer's private space.

The purpose of kbaa consulting company is not to sell products to professionals on site, but only to meet the personal needs of consumers or non professionals. Therefore, kbaa consulting company reserves the right to refuse to order the same second-hand products with more than two quantities. Therefore, the client shall not distribute, copy or illegally use all or part of the information provided by kbaa consulting company within the scope of its services free or expensive.

Services and products can be pre registered or pre pre pre pre pre pre pre pre pre pre pre pre pre pre pre pre pre pre pre pre pre pre pre pre pre pre pre pre pre pre pre pre pre pre pre pre pre pre pre pre pre pre pre pre pre pre pre pre pre pre pre pre pre pre pre pre pre pre pre pre pre pre pre pre pre pre pre pre pre pre pre pre pre pre pre pre pre pre pre pre pre pre pre pre pre pre pre pre pre pre pre In such case, unless otherwise stated on site, payment shall be made immediately upon advance payment. It is expected that the date of issuance of products and services is not contractual and may change. Kbaa consultants will use its best efforts to comply with the announced date and reserves the right to issue services or products within a reasonable period of time after the announced date.

acknowledgement of order
After ordering, the client receives the order confirmation via email to provide information related to the order. In the above circumstances, once the company confirms and accepts the order, the order shall not be cancelled except for the exercise of the right of withdrawal or the occurrence of force majeure.

Unless there is evidence to the contrary, the data recorded on site at the time of ordering constitutes evidence of all facts, acceptances and transactions.

Five Commentary

Conditions of participation
A subscription to the auction club or the following must be accepted by the auction club. A bank fingerprint is required at the club to ensure that you have funds on your payment method. The means of payment offered at the time of participating in the auction will be that provided when the auction wins.

The auction is over
At the end of the auction, if you win, you will be informed by email. In this case, you will deduct it from the last payment. If this amount is less than the realized bank fingerprint amount, it will be retained and the remaining fingerprints will be re edited. If the final amount exceeds the realized bank fingerprint, the bank fingerprint will be retained and you will be charged a supplementary amount from the same payment method. Copy this website code to your website to set up a voting box on your website.

Six Tariff conditions

service charge
The subscription price of kbaa consulting service is the price effective on the website on the day of customer order registration. The price of the services is expressed in Euro (Euro), tax exemption ("HT") and any tax included in the applicable VAT ("TTC").

Regardless of the length of subscription, the order must be paid in full. In case of delay, the same fee will be charged on the date of extension or within three days at the latest.

product price
The price for the sale and delivery of the product is the price in effect at the site on the date the customer's order is registered. The price of the product is expressed in Euro (Euro), including all taxes for tax exemption ("HT") and applicable VAT.

Unless otherwise specified on site, the product price does not include processing, shipping, transportation and delivery costs, which are charged as additional charges according to the conditions or general conditions specified at the site and calculated before ordering.

We reserve the right to send the order ("s") according to the country in which the order was placed and / or to which country.

Special offer
The company reserves the possibility of submitting a time bound tender, promoting or reducing the offer of its services at any time in accordance with the conditions stipulated by law and reviewing the quotations and prices on its website at any time.

Except for the specific free delivery voucher, any applicable discount code does not apply to delivery charges. No refund.

Price evolution
Kbaa lawyers reserve the possibility of raising and lowering its tariffs. Customers are not allowed to take advantage of price changes or special offers made on site before or after ordering and are no longer online on the day of order. Price changes only apply to customers who are consumers, provided that the customers have been accepted in advance.

Page: 1 Order rules

All orders are reconciled through secure online payment.

Payment for the product is made at the time of order confirmation and at the latest at the time of shipment. Any proceeds not paid in full shall not be shipped.

It is important that By providing payment information (invoice coordinates, bank reference, or bank card number) at the time of ordering, the customer accepts the principle of repeated payments, that is, to extract the first and subsequent order periods with default deferral. In order to pay the price in full and to be eligible for services under these conditions.

The payment information of customers in the bank card order and payment is automatically processed by the security payment provider. stripe or Payment ExpressIn the dialog box, kbaa reserves the possibility of using other payment service providers.

Card numbers have never been sent or used, but there is a secure coding and encryption system. The highest security standards apply to data storage and comply with applicable standards. The purpose of this automatic data processing is to determine the level of transaction analysis and to prevent card fraud, theft and abuse of your identity.

Outstanding items due to fraudulent use of the card will result in the recording of the order coordinates associated with the outstanding amount in a file to record payment events. Abnormal declaration or abnormal situation can also be dealt with specially.

Based on the information provided by the order analysis system, kbaa consulting can contact the customer and request further documents to execute the order payment. The supply of these parts is necessary to validate the order.

To combat credit card fraud, kbaa consulting customer service can visually inspect the means of payment before shipping the product.

According to Article 1366 of the civil code, the final verification of the online provision of the bank card number and purchase order will prove the integrity of the purchase order and shall pay for the costs incurred in seizing the products on the purchase order. Confirmation of the order with this resume is the signing and explicit acceptance of all transactions on site. However, if the bank card is fraudulently used, once it is found that the bank card has been used, please contact us immediately, but it does not prevent the customer from applying to the bank.

Page: 1 Access and service conditions

The website is free to all who have access to the Internet. All costs of access to the site, whether hardware, software or internet access, are entirely borne by the user. Users are fully responsible for the effective operation of their computer equipment and Internet access.

Kbaa reserves the possibility of limiting the number of seats per service subscription formula. If the maximum quantity has been reached at the time of on-site ordering, kbaa consulting company will inform the customer that it is unable to verify its registration and pattern and return it to the customer free of charge.

The kbaa board also retains the possibility of pre registration and then allocates seats in the chronological order of pre registration (see "pre-set" paragraph in the terms of the purchase order).

In order to create an account, customers consult kbaa for information needed to provide services at the time of ordering to ensure their accuracy (name, address, email, phone number). Professional clients must indicate their company name and community internal VAT number. The customer guarantees that the company will not be harmed by any false identity and will not be liable for the inaccurate information provided by the customer.

Kbaa consulting company provides its service access code to customers electronically, no later than 48 hours after confirmation of its order. Any identification / access codes provided by kbaa to users and / or customers are strictly personal, personal, confidential and irreversible. Customer will be responsible for any unauthorized, fraudulent or abusive access password and rights. Customer will immediately notify kbaa Council of the loss or theft of the key. Notice or advance notice.

Any contribution space on the website or social network shall be provided in good faith for the users and / or service objects of the website, and the customers shall not make any slander, threat, hatred, intolerance or obscene remarks. For example, publication should be made public if it may infringe the rights of third parties or the rights of the law.

The kbaa Council reserves the right not to allow any user who does not comply with the general conditions to obtain the service unilaterally or in advance, or to restrict its right to access the service.

The kbaa board of directors shall take all reasonable steps to ensure continued high quality access to the site without any obligation. In particular, the company cannot be held responsible for any failure of the network or server or other events beyond reasonable control, as these events may hinder access to the website.

Company reserves the right to interrupt, suspend or alter access to the site or part of the site without prior notice in order to maintain the site, or for any other reason, the interruption does not meet any obligation or compensation condition.

Page: 1 delivery

Kbaa reserves the possibility of offering deliveries in France based on the formula chosen by the customer.

Products can only be delivered in France, unless otherwise stated on the website, the possible destinations in Europe or the world are stated according to the standard rates of independent carriers or according to the requirements of customers. The products are delivered at the delivery address specified by the customer when subscribing to the quotation. The customer is fully responsible for the accuracy of the product delivery information provided.

The delivery time of the products ordered according to the service shall be indicated in an indicative manner within 10 working days after the confirmation of the customer's order. In a predetermined case, the starting point of the indicative delivery time corresponds to the verification of the inventory availability of the scheduled product.

Delivery is guaranteed by an independent carrier, and the address is designated by the customer at the time of ordering, which can be easily inquired by the carrier. Unless otherwise stated on site at the time of order, the carrier is DHL, applicable Its own general transport conditions.

"2. Where the customer is personally responsible for bringing an action against a carrier of his own choice, once the customer delivers the goods sold to the carrier to the carrier and the carrier accepts the goods without reservation, the goods are deemed to have been delivered after the goods ordered by the company. Therefore, the Customer acknowledges that the carrier is responsible for the delivery of the goods and that the carrier is not entitled to guarantee the company in the event that the goods are not delivered.

If the customer specifically requests the packing or transportation conditions of the goods to be ordered and formally accepted in writing by kbaa consulting company, the relevant expenses will be paid by supplementary specific invoice based on the quotation accepted by the customer in written form in advance.

In any case, it is the customer's responsibility to verify the condition of the delivered goods in the presence of the consignor and, in the event of damage or loss, to make a reservation on the delivery note or transport receipt and may refuse to accept the goods and notify the kbaa Council in writing.

The delivery times described may be different - taking into account the delivery times of postal services and any unforeseen events (such as strikes) by kbaa consultants or carriers.

When the ordered product is ordered at the time of ordering or ordering or ordering or ordering or ordering or ordering or ordering or ordering or ordering or ordering or ordering or ordering or ordering or ordering or ordering or ordering or ordering or ordering or ordering or ordering or ordering Proof that its term and unearned proceeds have fulfilled its delivery obligations within a reasonable additional period of time, demanding repayment of the advance payment without affecting the subscription that has not yet expired.

Kbaa lawyers reserve the possibility of transferring the customer's queries to the carrier, who may need to obtain further information from the customer or require the customer to file a claim directly against the carrier.

If you deliver goods abroad and your order has to pay customs fees, these costs will be borne by you.

Unless otherwise provided by law, except as otherwise provided in this article, no damages or damages shall be incurred in respect of late delivery.

Ten Right of recovery

Consumers [or, in some cases, non professional customers] may revoke these general conditions within 14 days after delivery of the service or product without giving reasons. The 14 day period starts from the date of service charge or delivery of products. If the period expires on a Saturday, Sunday or statutory holiday, it shall be extended to the last hour of the next working day.

In order to exercise its right to withdraw, the beneficiary must notify kbaa's lawyer, 11 Rue de lourmel, 75015 Paris by registered mail or by e-mail to the initials of the general terms and conditions to withdraw its decision by express declaration. You can use the indent form template below and set backtracking rights as an object in a message or letter, but this is not mandatory.

If the customer withdraws the service, the access right is closed, and the products ordered and received by the customer in the service must return to the same state as the customer received. If the product is damaged or has obvious signs of wear and tear, the right of recovery shall not be exercised.

The amount paid shall be repaid as soon as possible, at the latest within 14 days after receiving the consumer's notice. Kbaa consultants will use the same payment method as the original transaction, unless the client explicitly accepts a different method; in any case, the reimbursement will not bring any expenses to the customer.

The cost of product recovery is borne by the customer. The terms of "product feedback method" mentioned by customers specify the way of product feedback.

Traction table

Please note that 11 Rue de lourmel, 75015 Paris trace back to Page: 1
I would like to inform you that I have cancelled my contract to provide the following services / products:
Consumer Name: (...)
Consumer address:
Sign [...] consumer (...) (...) if this form is notified in writing:

If a fully executed service is provided before the end of the retraction period, or digital content not provided on the hardware carrier is provided, such retraction right cannot be exercised under certain conditions. The prior consent of the consumer shall be revoked and the prior execution shall be started.

If the customer requests an order directly after the order is placed and does not wait until the end of the order period, but does not relinquish its rights, an amount equal to the amount of the services provided shall be paid to kbaa's solicitors until it decides to withdraw. This amount is based on the total price of the services agreed at the time of ordering. If the total price is too high, the appropriate amount is calculated based on the market value of the items provided.

In these exceptional cases provided by law, customers may be required to choose a box to give up the right of withdrawal when ordering. If not, kbaa will retain the possibility of not sending content to customers for a 14 day period.

Page: 1 Legal protection

All products are second-hand products, and clearly inform customers.

It is suggested to control the revenue at the time of delivery. If the delivered revenue does not conform to its description ("e.g. product error, defect, damage or incompleteness"), a written reservation should be made within three days after delivery. Without prejudice to the withdrawal of the 14 day () period.

If a non-compliance or hidden defect is found, the customer will return the defective item to kbaa consultant. Please note that legal compliance guarantees and hidden defects apply to customers who are consumers or non professional consumers to ensure legal compliance and to have a consumer or professional identity to guarantee hidden defects, which means that the normal use of the product depends on the following factors: Current practice. Professional clients who are not subject to the provisions of the consumer law shall not invoke the legal protection of compliance. These guarantees do not apply to any commercial guarantee and in all cases the statutory time limit applies.

In all cases, the product can be analyzed directly by the manufacturer or seller, whether or not it is a kbaa consulting firm.

Consumer customers have two years from the date of issue of the article to file a lawsuit under the legal compliance guarantee, and the litigation time for second-hand goods is reduced to six months. In this case, the claimant should choose between repair or replacement. However, the choice of consumers can be ruled out if the cost of such a choice is obviously disproportionate to other possible ways, taking into account the value of the asset or the severity of the defect.

The professional client may decide to implement the guarantee for hidden defects of the goods sold as described in article 1641 of the civil code. In this case, the customer may apply for cancellation of the sale or reduction of the sale price in accordance with Article 1644 of the civil code.

The applicable legal provisions on consumption law and legal protection are set out in Annex 1 of the general principles.

Twelve Product feedback mode

Products can be found at the following address: kbaa Council, 11 Rue de lourmel, 75015 Paris.

Customers must return the product to their original packaging and packaging, both secondhand, as kbaa recommends.

Any damaged product shall not be recalled, exchanged or returned to the customer compared to the condition of delivery, incomplete or damaged packaging. In particular, any pair of damaged shoes or shoes with new and / or odor marks cannot be recovered, including under the right of recovery.

The return fee shall be borne by the customer.

The sending package shall contain a copy of the order confirmation email or handwritten document in A4 format, indicating the order number and the amount paid at the time of the order, as well as any other explicit statement of withdrawal form or exercise of the right to withdraw.

Upon receipt of the package, kbaa consulting will fully repay the refunded purchase costs, including delivery costs, if applicable. If multiple products are ordered and only part of the purchase order is received, the freight will be reimbursed pro rata to the quantity of products ordered and returned.

From 7 to 14 calendar days. It depends on the payment method used by the bank and the customer when ordering.

Unless otherwise provided by law, only products with original packaging and labels and () unused or carried with them ("textiles") will be returned.

If the return does not meet the legal and / or commercial conditions, no reimbursement will be made and the customer will continue to have the returned product within one month and can be recovered at the logistics centre at 75015 Paris, 11 lourmel street. According to kbaa's attorney's notice of refusal to refund (Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.)

Thirteen Informatics and freedom

The name and location data (invoice address, delivery address) required by the customer are necessary for order processing and invoicing.

This data can be provided to potential partners of the company responsible for executing, processing, managing and paying orders.

The processing of the information provided through the website meets the legal requirements of protecting personal data and security.

According to current national and European regulations, customers have the right to permanently enter, modify, correct, transplant and restrict the processing of customer related information.

This right may be exercised in accordance with the conditions and manner specified in the confidentiality policy available at any time on the website.

Page: 1 intellectual property right

On output

The purchase of a product does not mean the transfer of intellectual property rights in the hands of the customer that may affect the product, and the customer shall not take any forgery.

All texts, reviews, books, pictures and images reproduced on the website, whether visual or recorded, are protected by copyright, trademark law, painting law, patent law and image rights. They are the entire property of the kbaa board of directors

In this regard, according to the provisions of the intellectual property law, only private use can be used, subject to different provisions of the intellectual property law, and even more restrictive provisions. Any other use is counterfeit and punishable under intellectual property rights.

About services

The kbaa board of directors owns all intellectual property rights, content, tools and training materials related to its ownership or use. Access to the website does not give users any rights to the intellectual property rights of the website, and the website remains the exclusive property of kbaa consulting company.

Under no circumstances shall users copy, represent, modify, send, publish, adapt to any media in any way, or operate the whole or part of the website or the training media in any way without the written authorization of kbaa board of directors. Appropriate action, including forgery, may be taken on any site or part of the site without prior authorization from the kbaa board of directors.

In return for payment of the price required at the time of ordering, the content, information and restricted space access to any type of content (e.g. consultation video) that can form part of the services provided are entitled to personal use. Non transferable and non exclusive limited term, depending on the service selected by the customer at the time of ordering and the length of time that the service may be extended.

Therefore, the customer shall not use or operate any or all of the services on behalf of others. According to articles l.122-4 and l.335-2 of the French intellectual property law, the country is responsible for unauthorized transfer or transmission of its contents or unauthorized access codes.

The client respects the intellectual property rights of kbaa consulting company, and all staff of kbaa consulting company have the right to access the service content and / or consulting / training platform or users.

The kbaa board is a trademark. This distinguishing mark is protected by law and any use without the authorization of kbaa lawyers will be prosecuted.

Failure to comply with this provision will be deemed to be a serious misconduct of the client to the detriment of kbaa's attorneys, who reserve the possibility of terminating the client's breach of contract in such circumstances.

Fifteen Exclusion of liability

We do not guarantee the minimum turnover of our customers. Any estimate of a pair of shoes is indicative.

The user and / or the client is fully responsible for the interpretation of the service information provided, the advice obtained from it or provided to it in the course of the service, and the adjustment of its own activities.

Except for the commercial guarantee conditions that may be applicable, the company does not provide any express or implied warranty, including but not limited to the guarantee of continuity, performance, results, etc. The continuity of training and / or coaching services, whether personalized or non personalized, depends entirely on the actual and effective implementation of customers, and is affected by uncertainty.

The use and use of the information provided under the service is the sole responsibility and risk of the customer. All or part of the services shall not be equivalent to the personalized consulting services of lawyers, auditors, auditors or accounts or any other regulated profession, and such services are expressly accepted by the client. The company shall not be responsible for any dispute between its customers and its customers, nor shall it be responsible for any other third party under general conditions.

Therefore, under French law, clients are clearly informed that any professional activity requires an appropriate legal status. The purpose of kbaa consulting is not to provide professional status to its clients. The clients are fully responsible for complying with the regulations on professional activities in France and Europe. According to these regulations, the clients receive services, especially in the fields of invoice, value-added tax, consumption law, etc. Competition, health and hygiene standards.

As publishers, customers are responsible for providing information to the public, and are responsible for editing their websites, blogs, social networking pages, etc. customers are solely responsible for the quality, legitimacy, relevance and relevance of the data and content they provide to the public. Including those he will submit to the company for comment.

Sixteen Limitation of liability

Article l.221-15 of the consumer law stipulates that kbaa, as a professional consulting agency, is strictly responsible for consumers' effective performance of remote contract obligations. Regardless of whether these obligations should be performed by kbaa lawyers or other service providers, kbaa's right to appeal against these service providers shall not be affected.

However, kbaa attorneys may be excused from any liability to prove that the non performance or non performance of the contract is caused by unforeseen and insurmountable facts or force majeure of the client, the third party to the contract.

In addition, kbaa consultants shall not be liable under any circumstances for any technical or software failure or for reasons unrelated to kbaa.

For professional customers Kbaa Consulting's liability is expressly limited to compensation for direct damages proven by the customer and is limited to the amount paid by the customer since the first order or since the last default extended subscription. In any case, the company shall not be liable for indirect damages to professionals, including data loss, file loss ("s"), business loss, business loss, loss of profit, image damage and reputation damage. Kbaa lawyers are not responsible for disputes between clients and third parties.

Kbaa's board of directors shall not be responsible to the customer if the customer fails to perform its obligations arising from the event of force majeure. Except as generally recognized by the case law of French courts and courts, force majeure or contingencies are considered to be force majeure or contingencies and are unrestricted: strikes or social conflicts within or outside the seller and its service providers, including postal services, natural disasters, fires. Disruption of telecommunications, energy supply, any type of communication or transportation interruption, or other circumstances beyond the reasonable control of kbaa consulting.

under these circumstances Kbaa attorneys reserve the right to change the delivery time without the customer demanding compensation. The customer will be informed of the difficulties encountered within a reasonable time and as far as possible, so that the customer can decide whether to continue to pay the compensation. 2. Enforcement of sales and exercise of cancellation rights when necessary.

Seventeen Partner site - hypertext link

Users can access partner's or third party's websites through hypertext links on the website, which are not subject to these general conditions. Therefore, users are requested to check the general conditions of use or sale of these websites, as well as confidentiality policies or other legal information.

Customers are advised that the service may need access to other sites or platforms designed and managed by a third party. K. Lawyers have no control over the content of these websites, and K. lawyers have no responsibility for the content of these websites and the use of the information contained therein by third parties.

Eighteen Reference client

Customer's acceptance of the general terms and conditions, without providing kbaa's board of directors with written information to the contrary, is equivalent to accepting the use of its name or social name, identification for customer reference purposes, and video interviews during events organized by the company or at its initiative. Accept image reproduction. Clients who do not want to be subpoenaed must notify kbaa consultants in advance and have the right to object to the use of their names and images in any case.

Customer agrees to be designated by the kbaa board of directors as a member of a training club of the kbaa board of directors as a user of one or more service products or services, based on the subscription formula selected by the customer. Kbaa's board of directors may use kbaa's advice under the same conditions.

Kbaa consulting company has the right to mention the name of the client in its list of references and suggestions, especially on the website, talking to the third party, communicating with staff, etc., and objectively describing the nature of the services provided to kbaa. Internal forecast management documents, as well as legal, regulatory or accounting requirements.

If there is no objection, the customer allows the kbaa Council to play images taken during the event. These images can be directly used and used in various forms, including printed materials, brochures, posters, Internet, etc., without any time limit, to promote the activities of kbaa Council. The Customer acknowledges that its rights have been fully realized and that it is not entitled to any remuneration for the exercise of the rights described in this clause.

The same conditions as described in the preceding paragraph apply to image rights and / or authorship rights on videos and photographs sent by client to kbaa consulting for the purpose of advising and / or testifying on the services provided by kbaa consulting.

Nineteen No bidding

Without prior written agreement, professional clients will give up direct or indirect recruitment, travel, collaborators, service providers, especially participants (trainers, coaches, experts...) because they are said to interact with professional clients within the scope of kbaa consulting services. Serve in any capacity.

This waiver is valid for 12 months after the end of the contract between kbaa consulting and professional clients. In the event that a professional client violates this clause, kbaa reserves the possibility of terminating the contract and / or assuming professional client liability to the defaulting party of the client, and claims for damages.

Failure to comply with this provision will be deemed to be a serious misconduct of the client to the detriment of kbaa's attorneys, who reserve the possibility of terminating the client's breach of contract in such circumstances.

Twenty commonly

French law sets out the general terms and conditions covered by the act and all transactions. The proposals are written in French. If these proposals are translated into one or more languages, in the event of a dispute, only the French version shall be the authentic text. The invalidity of contract terms does not mean that the general terms are invalid.

The temporary or permanent non application by kbaa's board of directors of one or more of the general conditions of sale does not mean that kbaa waives the other provisions of these terms which remain in force.

Twenty-one dispute

In case of any dispute, the client will first seek friendly settlement from kbaa consulting company. If there are difficulties in the execution of this contract, the consumer customer can also ask the consumer investigator for help before any legal proceedings, you can find it on the website.Economics.

The mediator will work independently and impartially to bring the parties together with a view to reaching an amicable settlement. The parties are still free to accept or refuse to use mediation and, in the case of mediation, to accept or reject the settlement proposed by the mediator.

In this case, any European consumer can also use the online dispute resolution platform (RLL), which can be accessed from the following URL address: EC.Europa EU

It was recalled that the search for an amicable solution did not interrupt the short-term term of the "statutory guarantee" or the term of the contractual guarantee. It should be noted that, in general, compliance with the warranty provisions of this contract requires the customer to perform its financial obligations to the seller, subject to the judgment of the court.

In the event of a dispute between a professional client and the company, the Commercial Court of Paris shall have exclusive jurisdiction over all disputes that may arise out of this contract concerning the validity, interpretation, execution, cancellation, consequences and consequences of this contract.

Annex: legal provisions applicable to reproduction

Article l.215-1 of consumption law

"For fixed-term service contracts concluded on implied renewal terms, the service provider shall notify consumers in writing by registered letter or special e-mail no later than one month before the end of the license period. Veto an extension of time, the possibility of rejecting a contract with an implied extension clause. This information is provided in clear and easy to understand terms, with reference to a non extended deadline in the apparent box.

If such information is not provided to the consumer in accordance with paragraph 1, the consumer may terminate the contract free of charge at any time from the date of extension.

In such a case, after the date of the last extension or, in the case of an indefinite contract, after the date of the change of the original term contract, the advance payment shall be repaid within 30 days from the date of termination, less the corresponding amount, Until the contract is performed.

"3. The provisions of this article do not affect those contracts which, by law, provide special rules on consumer information for certain contracts."

Article l215-2 of consumption law

"The provisions of this chapter shall not apply to operators of drinking water and sanitation facilities."

Article l215-3 of consumption law

"The provisions of this chapter also apply to contracts between professionals and non professionals."

Article l241-3 of consumption law

"If the professional fails to repay the amount in accordance with the conditions set out in l.215-1, the amount owed shall bear interest at the statutory rate."

Article l.217-4 of consumption law

"The Seller shall deliver the goods in conformity with the provisions of the contract and shall be responsible for any non conformity at the time of issue. If the packaging, installation instructions or installation facilities are specified in the contract or are implemented by the contractor, the Contractor shall also be responsible for any non-compliance caused by the packaging, installation instructions or installation facilities. "

Article l.217-5 of consumption law

"The property complies with the contract:
Page: 1 "If the asset is fit for the usual intended use of a similar asset and, where appropriate:

  • If it conforms to the seller's description and has the quality shown to the buyer by the seller in the form of samples or models
  • If the buyer shows the quality reasonably expected by the buyer based on the public statements of the seller, the producer or his agent, especially in terms of advertisements or labels

Page: 1 Or, if it has characteristics mutually agreed upon by the parties or is suitable for any special purpose pursued by the buyer, it shall be notified to the seller and accepted by the buyer. "

Article l.217-12 of consumption law

"L. proceedings for non conformity shall be terminated within two years from the date of release of the property."

Article l.217-16 of consumption law

"Any fixed period of at least seven days shall be added to the warranty period if the period of commercial guarantee provided by the buyer to the seller at the time of purchase or repair of movable property requires that the repair be carried out within the scope of the guarantee. This period begins when the buyer requests intervention or provides repair costs for the property concerned, provided that such disposition follows the request for intervention. "

Article 1641 of the civil code

"The seller is obliged to guarantee hidden defects in the goods sold, because they make the goods unfit for the intended use, or reduce the use so much that the buyer cannot obtain the guarantee, or if the buyer is aware of the defects, only give a lower price."

Section 1648 (a). Article 1 of the civil code

(l) The buyer must bring a lawsuit within two years after the defect is found.