Lexicon of sneakers

Intro and presentation:

With the change in the future of sneakers and everything new "sneaker game"become the obsession of a new generation, we thought it was most appropriate to acquaint newcomers with how to talk about the followers of this world. So you will find the "Kikikickz's dictionary of sneakers" : our own dictionary of mandatory terms to become the master of sneaker jargon.

But what is a sneaker? :

First of all, before discovering the different expressions that revolve around the sneaker, it is necessary to become a real "sneakerhead"To define what is a sneaker.

Originally, the word sneaker designates all shoes designed as part of a practice athletic, which have gradually been diverted from their primary utility to become part of our daily lives. Today in the heart of trend, the sneakers played a major role in the birth of the fashion urban : the “Streetwear”. Indeed, due to its great popularity, and the craze that drives its pairs of sneakers, a large number of high fashion houses today do not hesitate to integrate them into their very collection for the greatest benefit. everyone's pleasure. Thus, we find the latter in particular in the universe of great collaboration such as the iconic collection "The Ten”Between the brand in the swoosh Nike and the American designer Virgil Abloh and his label Off white or even through more informal collaborations such as the many iterations between the Japanese haute couture subsidiary AS OF BOYS and Nike.

Finally, through the movement of the “Dad shoes ” (daddy's shoe in french, recalling the shoes our parents wore in the 80s and 90s), the sneakers has succeeded in taking its place in this universe, in particular with the famous model “Triple S”From the Italian luxury firm: Balenciaga 


The "Aglets"are those little things that are at the end of laces. They were once simple plastic, but today they are available in all kinds of materials as in carbon fiber to personalized labeled versions, to gold coins (representative of Jesus on the Nike Air Yeezy II which, as you may have discovered, tend to unscrew on their own sometimes ...). We're sure someone will be making necklaces out of them in no time :-)


The "Beaters"are that kind of sneakers that you still choose to wear, even after have worn them over and over again. In fact, at some point you start to like every bit of "character"which manifests itself in the form of folds, scratches, of tasks, and this odour always nice. Well, maybe not the stench ... And even if you have 1,000 pairs of sneakers, you inevitably end up with your favorite little one: your pair of "Beaters".


In terms of sneakers, the "Bespoke"is a unique model of the Air Force 1 designed on the site of Nike at 21 Mercer, where they offer a experience unique creation of a sneaker personalized using a assortment special of materials and finishes, up to seams and to labels. This is a real basketball "one of one"and the experience of creating your own basketball is often on the list of"sneakerheads"The term comes from suits and shoes, where it simply means"made to order" or "made sure measured". 


The "colorway”Of a basketball is here combination particular of colors applied to the sneaker. It is also a very boring term, but a necessary evil in our world. Often a nickname is associated with the color which is on the box. For example, Oregon, the Black Cements and the True Blues are all different colors from the iconic silhouette of the Jordan III. We could not just have simple names of colors and not several hundred variations ... But hey, that's what also makes the beauty and complexity of the sneakers world


“Deadstock”, often abbreviated as DS, is a term used to say that a pair of sneakers has never been worn. It is not known exactly how she went from "dead stock" at "deadstock", but sometimes it is enough to say that ..."this is a sneakerhead thing"Contrary to what eBay may have you believe, a sneaker that has been tried, let alone"worn only indoors", is NOT a dead animal.


Deubre is a generic term, originating from Nike, Inc. and dating from the mid-years 1990, to enumerate a ornamental lace label, most often seen on sneakers. Typically a deubré will have two holes through which a lace is threaded, like a bead on a string.


A "To Do List”Is a list of things you want to do before you take action. For the sneakerheads, the "grails ” are the same thing, in that sense: these are really the sneakers you absolutely want to have before you die. Most of grails tend to be very rare and extremely limited, but for some sneakerheads, it can be a colorway in particular or the old one pair you wore when you were a child and today you want to find it. The Grails are the sneakers that complements you ... YOU and YOUR collection of sneakers. (Even if we must admit that the list of “grails ” will be infinite forever ...)

“High” sneakers:

The sneaker "High" is a basketball stretching slightly above the wearer's ankle. ... They should not therefore be confused with the “Mid ” which are they for their part, slightly lower as their name suggests and is therefore found in the middle of the ankle.


You know, your friend who must have every new limited edition, even if it means selling the pair he just bought last week? Whoever buys sneakers based on how many people on Twitter say it's cool? Yes, we all have one. A Hypebeast consumes hype and reacts accordingly. Never forget, as Prime Minister Dawn once said: "Don't trust consumer ads as they can quickly drain your wallet". The Hypebeast So it makes sense for someone who absolutely wants the last sneaker released, the rarest and obviously the most expensive, to show it to everyone around him and make it a real Instagram account.

 “Hyperstrike” or “HS”:

Hyperstrike or more commonly “HS”Is this expression which designates the pairs whose number is limited to 50, 24 or 48 units. These sneakers often come from a collaboration and are extremely hard to get, unless of course you've heard of Kikikickz (I think they have quite a few of those;)


Obviously, you have to know this, but common sense is not always there. The logo Jordan, become an icon, was created by Peter Moore designer at Nike, from a beginners photoshoot that was started on the Air Jordan III conceived by Tinker Hatfield. The resulting logo is now called “Jumpman ”


Unlike sneakers High, it is a shoe low, quite simply. For example we can have a model of Air Force 1 in different versions : High, Mid and Low (high, medium, low).


Ahhhh ... the famous Mids : how can we not talk about it, especially at the moment. Hated by most collectors, loved by innovators but finally worn by all. When it comes to youth, models like Dunk where the Air Force 1 are a real "must have". The Mids therefore simply define the sneakers whose silhouette stops in the middle of the ankle. They are in a way the passage of the High to the Low.


NIB is the abbreviation of new in box, or new in the box. If a sneaker was accidentally taken out of the box, until you tried it on and put it back exactly as it was, it may still qualify as NIB, but be careful or some would be tempted to quibble on the subject.


Most conversations taking place today in 140 characters or less, sneakerheads have chosen to be more efficient and the acronym NDC replaced Nike (dot) com = Nike.com, aka the Online Store from Nike.


The much appreciated OGs a.k.a Originals. No retro, not one reissue, but the first time a shoe is released is the only time a sneaker is called OG. It's like a code, to call the sneaker: the real one, the original. Don't get caught slipping and saying that a retro is a OG because the twitter sneaker font will ridicule you (and honestly too because, you know, they don't have anything better to do).


Have a pair "on ice"means you have a pair of sneakers"deadstock"that you haven't worn yet. It's actually a way of trying to get a double and prove your ability to sneakerheads to avoid wearing your sneakers or buying several pairs. What a true enthusiast!

“Player edition”:

A sneaker "player edition"is a basketball designed for a specific player, and which is then available to consumers, often in the form of a limited release version. The Ray Allen Air Jordan XIII is a good example, in the colors of Boston celtics, signature of Sugar Ray on the tongue, sold in amount limited so that only certain fans have a chance to wear their hero's shoes. Again, it seems to me that this store ... Kikikickz have some nice ones like this, well worth a look!


Slightly different from "player edition"but always abbreviated by the same acronym PE, a basket “Exclusive player” exclusive to a player is a basketball designed specifically for a player but which does not have never intended for retail sale. Most of the time, they are only available in the size of the player they were designed for. The colors are unique, the details are even better and every now and then you will see them on eBay. But be prepared to spend a lot of moneybecause there are usually only a handful in the whole world.

“Quickstrike” or “QS”:

The term "Quickstrike"abbreviated under the name of"QS"began to appear on boxes in the early 2000s. At the time, it was a unannounced version which arrived quickly in the stores being obviously in amount limited. The internet has allowed us to become aware of rumors about the sneakers, which appear to have been launched years before their release, and it now appears that even a version QS could be anticipated thanks to the dissemination of these rumors on the networks social


A “Reseller” is a person who buys sneakers (usually wholesale) with the intention of resell more expensive thereafter. Love them or hate them, they are part of this sneaker story and they will stay put for a long time to come. They certainly make things difficult, but they also kind of give accessibility to others. Some of them give you the chance to get exits OG that you won't find anywhere else. Others, come out of the local mall carrying a full set of those retro you can't get, gloating and taking photos for Instagram along the way.


A restock is the fact that a store receives a replenishment of a pair or item out of stock.


A model retro is a basketball which is previously released and that came out again. Sneakers retro are at the same time the best and the worst thing about the sneakers. On the one hand, a retro model gives most of us the chance to grab a pair of shoes that we couldn't have before, or that we wore so much that we have to have another pair. On the other hand, it's the retro models that seem to be the most demanded in the resale market, making them more difficult to obtain due to the quick profitability people think they can get out of them. But we'll take any retro we can get, really.


A sample is usually a trial run on an early model of a shoe that is done so that designers and retailers can see upcoming models. There are different types, of course. The samples "Looksee"are usually size 9 and are made for the above reason. Samples"Weartest"are made in different sizes (basketball samples are most often size 13 US) to see how a new sneaker behaves. And the samples "Exclusive player"are just another way of saying"exclusive to the playersSamples sometimes appear on eBay or in corporate sample sales (or Portland consignment stores) and are certainly sought after in certain circles.

“Size Run”:

A "size run"or series size corresponds to the amount of sneakers available to a retailer, or reseller. We generally speak of a “full size run ”or full series, which for men's sizes usually includes sizes 6 to 12.


A colorway “tonal”Means a monochrome sneaker.


The "Upper ” corresponds to the upper part of the sneakers that covers the foot. This part is also called the upper.


The term VNDS stands for Very Nearly Deadstock. To put it simply, it's very close to Deadstock, i.e. a pair almost new.

“Zigh Tech”:

Introduced in 2010, the technology ZigTech of Reebok became the system amortization of choice in its many sub-categories, such as running, training and basketball. Although the slogan "Energy For Your Feet"(energy for your feet) does not exactly match our description, the cushioning system Zig did the job and was used by John Wall for his first seasons in NBA. ZigTech is just one example of "Vis Tech" aka Visible Technology, which has been a vital driver for athletic shoes since air escaped the midsole. 


Bring Up My Post (Bump) : Term used in comments to bring up a sneaker ad in a group on Facebook for example. (Bump or Up)

“Camp Out”:

Camp Out : This vocabulary sneakers designates the fact of wait/camp in front of a store before a major release. You have to kill the time between a few hours to a few days… Basically, first come is first served.

“Clerk Pack”:

Clerk Pack : Sort editing limited made by a sneaker store manager.

Co.JP : literally speaking Concept Of Japan. A color only for the Japan.

“Capsule collection”:

A textile collection made up of a few pieces in limited series. A collection Capsule can accompany an outing from sneakers, such as the recent collection Jordan x Dior


This is the limited edition see ultra limited at the brand Adidas.


Means to buy or pass his turn (Cop or Drop) on the next output of sneaker.


Abbreviation of the word Colorway

Fair price:

The price displayed for the basketball in an advertisement is very interesting. This is a good offer, a good price.


Term used to mean a counterfeit.


Abbreviation to designate the store Football Locker


Same as for FL, this is the English shop FootPatrol

Genteral Release (GR):

The basketball will be sold in sufficient quantity in many stores. All sizes are planned: Male, Female, Child.


Abbreviation of (Grade School). We are talking about GS for sneakers tailored for children.


A friend or acquaintance buys you the pair that you can't find anywhere. Before the sale of sneakers on the web, it was often necessary to find an intermediary to nab a US or Asian excluded. Hence the expression: " Need a Hook-up on this pair ».


The winning trio from Nike which stands for the acronym of designers: Hiroshi Fujiwara, Tinker Hatfield and Mark Parker. The models Nike HTM are often synonymous with the highly coveted limited edition of sneakers addict.


Abbreviation that you can read in the comments or on the forums. In English In my Humble Opinion or also IMO for In my Opinion (In my opinion / sense).


Abbreviation of Jordan Brand.

LPU or Last Pick-up:

Just mean my last purchase.


Abbreviation of London (London…). same for me TKO for the city of Tokyo. Paris / PRS - New-York / NYC…

Legit Check:

Term that we see galore on the forums. " Is it Legit? ". The person is looking to see if the shoe is authentic, and not a fake. Be careful not to fall into the trap of fakes. Fortunately Kikikickz is here to provide you with the most beautiful pairs in completely safe.

Limited edition :

if you don't know the meaning of this term, it's time to review your English lessons ... This is a limited edition = limited quantities.


Abbreviation of Michael Jordan, also nicknamed « His Airness ». Ahh ... a man, a real this Jordan.

Nike SB:

Nike SkateBoarding (products skateboard at Nike).

Patent leather:

It’s about matter Shiny Leather : as for example on the sublime Jordan 1 UNC Patent leather.


Technique which consists in making a hem enough tight with his jeans or pants, above the sneaker at the ankle.

Release Date:

Come on, English lessons ladies and gentlemen. This is simply the release date of the sneaker


A term often used by purists to designate the shape of a pair of sneakers. The evolution of shape of the Air max 1 has been talked about a lot in recent years.

SMU or Special Make Up:

Here is an expression that designates a sneaker created specially for a boutique / shop.

Snearer Addict:

Term used in abundance on the web and in the street to designate a passionate, sneaker hook. We also talk about Sneakerhead.

Sole Swap:

Technique which consists of to separate the midsole of the upper. We use the sole swap in customizations.

Third Party 0 or Third Party Zero:

Refers to a store that has a Tier 0 account with Nike. There are very few in France (Starcow, Opium…). The shop Atmos in Tokyo has had Tier 0 account for many years. These Third Party 0 shops have access to exclusive sneaker releases. And why not Kikikickz is holding ?!

TTS or True to Size:

this pair is TTS, that is, she size correctly. The shoe is neither big nor small. (If you wear a size 44, take a size 44).

WTB or Want to buy:

I want to buy this basketball, I want it”.

WTT or Want to trade:

I want to exchange my pair

WTS or Want to sell:

I want to sell my pair


Many of you are wondering the meaning of Wmns. It is simply the acronym of Womens


And there you have it, so there if you do not become the undisputed sneaker: it is something that we lacked in our mission, or that you are ... Let's say receptive;)

You will now be able to understand all the conversations that were so secret to you until now and be able to decipher every nook and cranny of the sneaker wave. To find out more about the world of sneakers: all the latest info, news and exits, do not hesitate to subscribe to the 100% free “special newsletter” from Kikikickz.

Lexicon written by Solal Fima