Emblematic models ADIDAS X YEEZY

Kanye West, how did a rapper enter the world of fashion?

West Kanye has always been interested in fashion. From 2006, Adidas and Kanye start working together to develop a new pair of basketball. The latter will never, in the end, emerge in commerce. This famous pair, the Yeezy remained a ghost pair and mysterious for a long time. The mystery is lifted when one of the leaders of theAdidas decides to post a photo of the pair on Instagram. Despite this first failure to penetrate the fashion world, West Kanye will persevere and turn to other partners. From 2007, the rapper collaborates with Japanese luxury streetwear brand Bape to market his first pair of sneakers. Two years later, it's with Nike that he collaborate to get the Air Yeezy out. This is the first step in a long history for the rapper turned creator.


The birth of the Yeezy x Adidas collection

Dissatisfied with his collaboration with Nikedespite the commercial success of the outgoing pairs, Kanye West decided to switch partners. 9 years after the failure of their first collaboration, Kanye cost with Adidas and comes out in 2015 Yeezy Boost 750. The latter is the first pair in a long series. The success is staggering and immediate, pushing both parties to continue this collaboration for other pairs. Only a few months after the Yeezy Boost 350.

Long-term collaboration

Unlike his early collaborations with Bape or Nike, the one with Adidas will not stop after these first pairs. A longer-term collaboration is in place and, quickly, several new pairs will come out.Yeezy Boost 350 V2 andYeezy Boost 700 come out as early as 2016. The designs and colors available vary according to the models, but the nameYeezy remains for each model. Little by little, the nameYeezy becomes a brand in its own right within Adidas. West Kanye builds on this growing reputation to draw other models under this name and strengthen the position of its brand. Since 2016, a dozen new models have been released under the name Yeezy. Some are very far from the original design, such that the Yeezy Slide. This fruitful collaboration seems to be gone to last, the year 2020 will see the release of many new colors and editions limited some of the brand's flagship models.