Adidas Superstar, an icon in the sneaker Hall of Fame

From the floor...

In the late 1960s, Adidas was planning to export its products to the other side of the Atlantic. If the German firm has become the leader in Europe with models dedicated to football, tennis or athletics, the doors of the American market are still closed to it.

But that's no problem! To conquer the United States, the Bavarian company is adapting. Chris Severn, the brand's distributor in California, has whispered in his ear that the offer in terms of basketball shoes is poor and disappointing in the country of Uncle Tom: the brand with the 3 stripes has a chance to play!

So Adidas imagines two models for the basketball courts: the Supergrip, a low sneaker, and the Pro Model, a high shoe. Inspired by these two models, the Superstar hit the courts in 1969... and earned its name when the Boston Celtics won the NBA title wearing the now famous sneaker.

In the years that followed, the big names in basketball all adopted the Superstar (Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Pete Maravich...), so much so that the model was worn by 85% of NBA players in 1973.

But, the same year, the brand with the Swoosh released the Nike Blazer, then Adidas unveiled the Top Ten in 1979... the Superstar was gradually abandoned by the basketball stars.

... to the street

But the story of the Adidas Superstar doesn't end there. Now outdated on the court, the iconic sneaker is getting a second lease on life on the street.

Adopted by b-boys (breakdancers), the Superstar has been brought out of oblivion by the trio of rappers Run-DMC. They revamped it: no more laces, the sneaker is worn with the tongue unfolded on the outside, in reference to American prisons, where laces are forbidden. The band even dedicated a song to it: My Adidasreleased in 1986.

The trio's popularity prompted Adidas to sign a million-dollar advertising deal with the rappers. The Bavarian company estimates that the group's revenue is worth 100 million dollars!

The Adidas Superstar, a pop culture icon

If the Run-DMCs are undoubtedly the most iconic ambassadors of the Adidas Superstar, they are not the only ones! Since the 80s, the iconic sneaker has been flooding pop culture.

Movies, music, video games... the famous sneaker is everywhere. Sum 41, Coldplay, Moby, The Black Eyed Peas, Pharrel Williams, Lil' Bow Wow, Missy Elliott and Jay-Z all wear them in their videos or on stage.

On the big screen, she can be found at the feet of Casey Affleck in Gone Baby Gone and Shia LaBeouf in Transformers 2.

Game enthusiasts will have spotted the Superstar in several versions of the game Grand Theft Auto.

The Adidas Superstar, a timeless classic

When the Adidas Superstar was released in the late 1960s, it was unique. It was the first sneaker with an all-leather upper and a rubber toe cap, which gave it its nickname ("shell toes"). The Superstar also features a raised Achilles heel guard with the German company's iconic clover on it.

Over the decades, the brand with the 3 stripes has released new editions of its legendary sneaker: first the Adidas Superstar Vintage, then the Adidas Superstar I in the mid-80s, the Adidas Superstar II in the 90s and the Adidas Superstar Foundation in 2015.

Timeless, the Adidas Superstar continues to chart its course 50 years after its release. With its classic lines, the iconic sneaker is a more retro option than the Adidas Ultra Boost or NMDwhich are also a must-have.

For both men and women, the Superstar fits into any wardrobe. Versatile, it can be worn with jogging suits, jeans, skirts, dresses or shorts, and is as much a match for a casual outfit as for a more elegant style.

Collaborations and special editions

For its 35th and 45thth anniversaries, in 2005 and 2015, the Superstar has been offered limited editions in collaboration with fashion and music icons.

Among the rarest editions, the Adidas Consortium Superstar "Made in France" is one of them, as well as collabs with Pharrell Williams, Bape, Sean Wotherspoon or Prada.

How do Adidas Superstars fit?

The Adidas Superstar fits normally, so you can take your usual size.