Adidas NMD, the combination of design and technology

Adidas NMD, between retro look and futuristic design

With the NMD, the brand with 3 stripes makes a bet: "the best of the past and the future". And the least we can say is that the bet is winning!

To design the NMD, the Adidas designers immersed themselves in the brand's archives in search of retro and iconic sources of inspiration. After much research, they finally pulled out three classic '80s sneakers: the Micropacer, the Rising Star and the Boston Super.

But if the best jam is made in old jars, the German brand never takes the easy way out. Not content with reviving the aesthetics of the running shoes of the 80s, Adidas designers sprinkle their crea$on with a clever pinch of avant-gardism and innovation.

The result? A sneaker mixing retro and futuristic influences, halfway between the 80s and the space conquest... Yes, the designers are not hiding the fact that they were largely inspired by the shoes worn by astronauts... A mix of genres that works: since its release in 2015, the Adidas NMD has conquered the hearts of sneaker collectors around the world!

Adidas NMD, the "nomadic" shoe from the 3-stripes brand

Designated for urban explora$on, the NMD - whose aficionados couldn't help but notice that the name bears a striking resemblance to the word "nomad", coincidence? - signs the alliance of sportswear and streetwear.

Equally at home in the gym or on the street, the Adidas sneaker has a simple, all-purpose design that fits all styles: elegant, casualfeminine, masculine... But simplicity does not mean banality. To stand out, the sneaker opts for shocking and original details, such as the lego-style blocks on the sole.

A concentrate of technology

As with the Ultra Boost, far from focusing on design, the German brand wanted to make its NMD a small concentrate of patented technologies, adapted to the practice of sport and running.

The sneaker is therefore equipped with the flagship innovations of the brand with 3 stripes. It combines a Primeknit upper - a material appreciated as much for its lightness as its resistance and breathability - with the Boost technology of the sole. The Boost technology in the sole provides soft cushioning and maximum energy return for comfort, flexibility and performance.

Special editions, variations & colorways

Unveiled to the public in 2015, the Adidas NMD has not been slow to diversify: the first model, the NMD R1 (for Runner) is followed by versions NMD R2, NMD CS1 (for CitySock) which is distinguished by its lack of laces or NDM C1 (for Chuka) with a semi-mounted silhouette.

In terms of colorways, the German brand has had a field day with dozens of original and original colors for men and women.

And to reinvent the iconic model, Adidas offered itself an ultra prestigious collab with none other than Pharrell Williams. Called NMD Human Race, the collection born from the partnership between the brand and the American rapper is one of the bestsellers of recent years.

How do Adidas NMD sneakers fit?

As a rule, Adidas NMDs don't run large or small, so you can start with your usual size.

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