Nike x Sacai


Sacai, when Japan invites itself to America

The japonese streetwear

Historically, streetwear is largely influenced by American Hip Hop culture. However, Japanese culture plays an important role and also brings its claw into the middle of fashion. From the 1990s, new Japanese creators such as DJ Hiroshi Fujiwara throws their marks. They rely on high-price limited series models to create rarity and hype around their products. A few years later, other nippon brands will see the day and make a name for themselves in the world streetwear. BAPE is a perfect example of an innovative Japanese brand that has become a global reference.

The origin of the nippon brand 

Founded in 1999 by Chitose Abe, Sacai is a Japanese fashion brand referring to the medium. After a few years working as a modeler for Comme Des Garçons, Abe decided to launch his own brand in Paris in 2009. In a few 10 years of existence, the brand has exploded and now has over 175 sales points worldwide. His recognition is largely due to the many collaborations with prestige brands such as Vans, Ugg but also Nike.

His debut with Nike

The Japanese brand is actually revealed in 2019 during the Paris Fashion Week. It presents an innovative model that breaks the codes of the environment. Abe decides to play with textures and superimposes different materials to create unique models. Abe chooses the Blazer to start by bringing new colors never seen in the Nike universe. These new models are critically acclaimed and allow Sacai to be known to the general public. Afterwards, Nike and Sacai will continue to collaborate together. The collaboration does not stop with sneakers, Nike and Sacai will develop a tennis outfit for American players. Collaborations between the two brands are always very much expected, always bringing something innovative out of the ordinary.