Nike Dunk


Nike Dunk, from the shadow to the light

A sneaker long in the shadows

When the Nike Dunk was released in 1985, everything was in place for it to be a success: a talented designer (Peter Moore), a silhouette inspired by the Air Jordan 1 and the Nike Terminator, and an iconic advertising campaign, 'Be True to Your School'.

Then called 'College Color High', the Nike Dunk was originally declined in 12 colors to pay tribute to the 12 best college basketball teams of the time (Syracuse, Georgetown, Arizona, Iowa, Georgia, Michigan ...).

And yet, the sneaker struggled to find its audience, which largely prefers the Air Jordan 1, released the same year. In short... the Nike Dunk is a flop.

From basketball to skateboarding, there is only one step

Intended at the time of its conception for basketball courts, the Nike Dunk will finally meet the success in the 1990s ... in skateparks! An unexpected turn of events that the brand with the Swoosh will not deny to exploit.

Nike then adapts the sneaker to the practice of skateboarding: its silhouette is shortened, it is reinforced to offer a better resistance to friction against the grip of skateboards and a padded nylon tongue appears for more comfort. In 2002, the brand even goes so far as to create a division entirely dedicated to skateboarding: the Nike SB (SkateBoarding) Dunk is born!

Numerous collaborations became mythical also contribute to the success of the model: Supreme, Stüssy, Concepts, Diamond Supply or Jeff Staple.

On the marketing side, the brand also changes its philosophy: it now distributes its Nike Dunk in skate shops and small specialty stores rather than large retail chains and bets on the rarity of models rather than quantity. It is a small revolution in the world of sneakers!

The Nike Dunk, a comeback in force

After a resounding success in the early 2000s, the Nike Dunk gradually fell into oblivion. It was the beginning of a long desert crossing.

But the famous sneaker has not said its last word! It began its comeback in 2017-2018 by displaying itself on the feet of fashion icons such as A$AP Rocky, Travis Scott or Frank Ocean.

Nike then surfed on the hype and chained new collaborations: Parra, Supreme, Travis Scott or Comme des Garçons for the Paris Fashion Week.

The sneakers became mythical and seduced an ever-growing public. The time is long gone when the Nike Dunk was the preserve of skateboarders and sneakerheads!

Dunk High or Dunk Low, that is the question?

On the one hand, the Dunk High, with its retro lines and its characteristic aesthetics of the basketball courts of the 80s. On the other, the Dunk Low, icon of the 90s and early 2000s, with its very skateboard style. Two classics, to each his own look!

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