Nike Air Max 90


Nike Air Max 90, the confirmation signed Tinker Hatfield.

In 1990, three short years after revolutionizing the running shoe market with his Air Max 1, Tinker Hatfield again showed the extent of his creative talent by signing the Nike Air Max 3, renamed Air Max 90 in 2000.

Embodied by Mark Allen, endorsed by George Bush.

It is a silhouette with an obvious air cushion at the heel, and more generally a design adorned with, among other things, a line of flight to the front that has quickly become emblematic. Before establishing itself on the street as the cult sneaker it remains today, the Air Max 90 proved its worth on the feet of runners whom it seduced with great blows of Nike Air cushioning. Among its followers was a certain Mark Allen, the first world champion of triathlon, who embodied it in advertisements orchestrated at the time by the equipment manufacturer, as well as George H. W. Bush, the 41st president of the United States for whom it was declined in a version ''Air Pres'' unpublished that you will unfortunately not find on Kikikickz, but which helped to make the model in history.

Quickly "replaced" by the Air Max 180 then the Air Max 93, without forgetting the Air Max 95 of Sergio Lozano, the cult sneaker of 1990 began an early reconversion among streetwear fashion lovers, including in France under the influence of national and international hip-hop stars.

The Nike Air Max 90 must-haves are on Kikikickz.

The Air Max 90 also and especially owes its success outside the world of sports to some of its most popular colors. Mentioning these words, chances are that the inimitable Nike Air Max 90 ''Infrared'', a color combination that awaits you on the store in its 2020 reissue, has sprung to mind. How can we not also mention the Air Max 90 NRG ''Bacon'', an edition originally imagined in New York in 2004, through a memorable collaboration between the American firm and Dave's Quality Meats (DQM) store. Speaking of collaboration, we owe it to you to make you discover, or rediscover, the different pairs designed by Virgil Abloh. The founder and artistic director of the Milanese label Off-White has indeed tackled the Tinker Hatfield classic on several occasions, first in 2017 as part of his The Ten collection, from which the Off-White x Nike Air Max 90 ''The Ten'' came out, then in 2019. So were born a total of 3 iterations in a destructured style as only the former right-hand man of Kanye West has the secret.

The days when Nike's famous bubble shoe was still called the Air Max 3 are definitely long gone. But its spirit lives on as much as its design, especially with a seasoned audience that was delighted with the Swoosh brand's 30th anniversary celebrations. One example is the DENHAM x Nike Air Max 90 and its partial denim finish.