Nike Air Huarache


The Nike Huarache is reinvented on Kikikickz.

Time may pass, and new Nike sneakers may come and go, but it's still impossible to talk about the Swoosh brand without remembering Tinker Hatfield's classics. As we explained in detail on the Kikikickz blog, the famous designer is indeed behind some of Nike's most iconic and timeless models. Among them is the Huarache, or more precisely the Air Huarache, because even if it's not obvious at first glance like on the Air Max 1, for example, its sole is indeed equipped with the famous compressed gas-based cushioning technology.

This is obviously not the only feature of the Huarache.

First released in 1991, an excellent year for Nike and Tinker Hatfield who completed the design of the Air Max BW ''Persian Violet '' and the mythical Air Jordan 6 in the same year, the silhouette whose name means ''sandal'' in Native American is inspired by water ski boots. The former architect was inspired to design a new pair of running shoes with a neoprene inner liner while wearing these comfortable boots during an introductory session to the sport. Much more mature than in the late 1990s, running enthusiasts of the time immediately welcomed the innovation, ensuring the Nike Air Huarache an early success.

On the feet of runners, first, and then on those of sneaker enthusiasts, the URH, as its name is actually pronounced, put everyone in agreement as much thanks to its lightness as to its inimitable aesthetics, whose charm continues to operate, no less than 30 years after its launch. Contrary to what its resolutely contemporary design might lead you to believe, the Huarache is actually not new. It was born during a period that many agree is the golden age of running. A period during which the historical sports equipment manufacturers pushed the limits of their creativity to try to make the difference, both technically but also visually.

This is evidenced by the TPU heel strap and the midsole that, like the Air Force 1, hides the Air cushioning system.

From the top of its 30 years, that the American firm has logically celebrated with a handful of reissues and new versions that you can find in due form on Kikikickz, the Nike Huarache still has serious arguments to make.