New Balance 550


At the end of the 1980s, when basketball and the NBA were booming, New Balance tried to take over the American courts. To do so, the Boston-based brand logically relied on its extensive experience in sports, and more specifically in running, to design a pair of shoes that are light, comfortable and guarantee both optimal stability and cushioning. In addition, a model capable of meeting the needs of the players of the time, with however a sizeable imperative to respect: to bet on a leather structure. Thus was born the New Balance 550 in 1989. With a design in line with the standards of the time, the NB 550 did not obtain the expected success on the fields, the fault undoubtedly to the too intense competition and to the image of New Balance naturally too much associated with that of the running, its universe of predilection. However, after its recent success with Casablanca, the Massachusetts-based company has decided to re-launch its b-ball inspired silhouette to offer sneaker addicts a serious alternative to the Nike Air Force 1. To do so, its teams have relied on a large-scale collaboration with Aimé Leon Dore, Teddy Santis' label, and the development of a palette of colors as simple as effective that you can obviously find on Kikikickz.