The most limited


The rarest sneakers: limited editions and prestigious collaborations

From the sports fields to the street

A must-have in our wardrobes - for men as well as for woman For a few decades now, the sneaker has become a real collector's item, rare and coveted. But this was not always the case!

To go back to the origins of sneakers, we have to go back in time... to the end of the 19thème century. The rubber industry was booming and the uses of this revolutionary new material were diversifying. In 1916, the Keds company - founded by the United States Rubber Company - marketed the first shoes with a rubber sole: the sneaker was born.

Comfortable and discreet, sneakers quickly made their way into the hearts of American consumers. Their name, derived from the English verb sneak, is a reference to one of the great advantages of these new shoes, which allow to move without making noise.

In 1917, the Converse brand launched the All Star model, intended for basketball courts. History was made. While Converse continued its rise, Adidas, Puma and Nike all took on the sports shoe market. The future of the sneaker will be played out on the NBA floor.

To establish their reputation, sportswear brands signed collaborations with iconic basketball players (Chuck Taylor x Converse, Michael Jordan x Nike) which popularized sneakers among young Americans. From the sports fields to the street, there is only one step.

The advent of sneaker culture

From the 1960s to the 1990s, the sneaker gradually became part of pop culture. Adopted by b-boys - breakdance enthusiasts - and hip-hop culture under the impetus of the mythical trio Run-DMC, the sneaker became more democratic.

At the same time, the sportswear brands wage a merciless war with a lot of news It's who will equip their new models with the best technologies and release the most popular colorways.

In 1989, in his film Do the Right Thing, Spike shows a young man from Brooklyn cleaning his pair of Air Jordan 4 with a toothbrush after a bike has run over it: sneaker culture is born. Sneakers are now precious collectors' items, rare and sought-after.

Sneakers and haute-couture, when sneakers take to the catwalk

Faced with the infatuation of sneakerheads, the sneaker giants understand that collectors are on the lookout for increasingly rare and exclusive models.

Adidas, Nike, Jordan, Converse and Yeezy have been releasing limited editions and prestigious collaborations: Off-White, Travis Scott, Sakai, Bape, Comme des Garçons... Little by little, the sneaker has gone from being a mainstream shoe to a rare and coveted fashion accessory. Like Virgil Abloh, Pharrell Williams and Kanye West, it now flirts with the most emblematic haute-couture houses, without ever denying its DNA, and signs the reconciliation between luxury and streetwear. Chanel, Dior, Prada: collectors are snatching up the rarest and most prestigious collabs!

Rare and collector sneakers

What is a rare and collector sneaker? It's simple: the law of supply and demand governs the sneaker market today.

Editions released in very limited numbers sell out in minutes. Once out of stock, these sneakers are inaccessible on the traditional market of official retailers. Only solution to copy a pair: the resell.

On this resale market, the rarest sneakers can reach dizzying prices, like the Nike Air Mag BTTF or the Adidas Human Race NMD Pharrell Williams x Chanel.

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