Fear Of God


Fear Of God: how Jerry Lorenzo conquered Nike

Jerry Lorenzo, the new size of the streetwear

Born in 1977, Lorenzo comes from a family of sportspeople, an element that has largely influenced him throughout his life but also in his relationship to streetwear. He explains himself that growing up in the 80/90's, the star sportspeople were the ones who dictated the modes and the ones to put. The second key element that dictated the creator's choices is religion. He grew up in a very pious family surrounded by gods. The name of his label "Fear of God" is taken from this experience. After many moves, Lorenzo finally moved to Los Angeles, where he began to meet many music, sports and fashion stars. It is by working with these people that the desire to create one's own label is felt. It was finally in 2013 that he launched and created the first pieces under the name Fear of God.

The beginnings of a unique and innovative label

These first pieces are oversize hoodies or long t-shirts. We notice that Lorenzo is largely influenced by his youth idols, people of strong character such as Curt Kobain or the controversial NBA player Allen Iverson. He has his pieces manufactured in haute couture workshops in Italy and Japan offering exceptional quality. From its beginnings, it mixes the codes of streetwear, luxury and grunge influences. He describes his clothes as "solution-based," that is, everyone can wear them, without asking too many questions because they are relatively casual and easy to wear. Unlike most other creators, Lorenzo decides to dispense with the classic calendar used in fashion. He releases his collections whenever he sees fit, and uses innovative ways to mark them. He is quickly spotted by Virgil Abloh who offers to show his plays to Kanye West.

His entrance to Nike

After several collaborations with Vans, Lorenzo releases his first pair with Nike, the Fear of God 1. For this pair, he works with one of Nike's designers, Leo Chang, known for his work on the signature pair of NBA star Kevin Durant. Its silhouette is quite unique and innovative. He wants to create a pair that brings real emotion to people who discover it for the first time. According to him, everything is in the emotion that a room provides. Just as he had strong emotions when seeing his idols carry certain pieces, he wants to get the same reaction from young people who discover his works.