Converse Comme des Garçons


Converse x Comme des Garçons, when America meets Japan

Comme des Garçons, a Japanese label against the grain

Founded by the audacious stylist Rei Kawabuko, the Comme des Garçons label(コム-デ-ギャルソン, Komu from Gyaruson in Japanese) was born in Tokyo in 1969.

Far from the beauty canons worn by the haute-couture houses of the 60s and 70s, Comme des Garçons breaks the codes. Going against the grain, Rei Kawabuko's collections are distinguished by their asymmetrical and unstructured cuts, their dark colours and their destroy aesthetic (garments with holes or rips, exposed seams...).

Kawabuko's philosophy is " For something to be beautiful it doesn't have to be pretty ". The tone is set!
In 1981, the launch of Comme des Garçons in Paris was like a small bomb on the capital's fashion scene. The haute-couture houses cried scandal, but the critics praised the avant-garde and innovative spirit of the Japanese designer.

In the decades that followed, Comme des Garçons diversified, opening boutiques around the world and continuing to cultivate its image as the troublemaker of the catwalk.

Comme des Garçons PLAY, a fresh and casual line

Launched in 2002, the PLAY line is one of the ten or so lines of the Comme des Garçons group.

Completely different from the rest of the collections, the CDG PLAY line has a light, playful and relaxed aesthetic. Its logo, a red heart with stylized eyes, was designed in 1999 by New York artist Filip Pagowski in collaboration with Rei Kawabuko.

Converse x Comme des Garçons PLAY, a long-standing collaboration

In 2009, Converse joined forces with the Japanese brand to bring a breath of fresh air to its century-old model: the Chuck Taylor All Star.

The sneakers with the famous red CDG PLAY heart are a phenomenal success with the general public and collectors. Why change a winning team? The Japanese house and the American brand are back at it again and again following their first collaboration.

If Comme des Garçons tries to revisit the Jack Purcell in 2011 and the Pro Leather in 2013, the Chuck Taylor All Star remains the favorite model of Rei Kawabuko's label.

Converse x Comme des Garçons PLAY, design and models

The trademark of the Converse x Comme des Garçons PLAY limited editions?

The retro silhouette of the Chuck Taylor All Star is preserved with a slightly wedged sole. The front of the shoe is also a little smaller than the original model.

The red CDG heart is invited on the side panel of the sneaker (in one or more copies depending on the edition). The Converse x Comme des Garçons are also distinguished by the addition of a contrasting strip on the back of the heel.

Available in high or low versions, the models come in a variety of colorways depending on the edition: the great black and ecru classics are joined by a Polka Dot version and a few acid colours (Bright Pink, Bright Blue...).

How do the Converse x Comme des Garçons fit?

Just like the Converse x Off-WhiteConverse x Comme des Garçons are rather large: it is recommended to take a half size below your usual size.