Air Jordan 1


Air Jordan 1, the first legendary sneakers signed by Jordan

The Air Jordan 1, a success story that went down in history

Designed by the talented designer Peter Moore - to whom sneakerheads also owe the Nike Dunk - for the legendary sportsman Michael Jordan, the Air Jordan 1 was launched during the 1984-1985 NBA season.

But the launch of the first MJ sneaker was not a smooth one... The Air Jordan 1 was almost never released!

Why did this happen? Well, Michael Jordan himself was not convinced by the model, whose colors, it seems, reminded him of the devil ... Fortunately, with a good dose of persuasion, the Swoosh brand managed to convince the famous number 23 to lend his name to the sneakers.

But the story doesn't end there! After MJ, it is the NBA that the colors of the model indisposed. According to the rules of the league, players are not allowed to wear colored sneakers, and must stick to white and black.

Far from stopping Nike, this setback will instead contribute to the legend of the Nike Air Jordan 1. For each game where Michael Jordan wore his eponymous model, the player had to pay a fine of $5000! The Swoosh brand did not hesitate to exploit the buzz in a marketing campaign that became legendary.

In short, despite the pitfalls, the Air Jordan 1 is a success beyond all expectations. More than 35 years after their release, the Air Jordan 1 continues to unleash sneaker addicts: the model has indeed become a legend.

The Air Jordan 1, the beginning of the Air Jordan adventure

The Air Jordan 1 marks the beginning of a great adventure! In 1988, the Jordan Brand became a brand in its own right, created in collaboration with Nike. From 1992 onwards, the famous Swoosh stopped appearing on Jordan models, leaving only the "Jumpman".

Since the creation of the Air Jordan 1 in 1984, the brand has released a string of iconic models, including the iconic Air Jordan 3 and Air Jordan 4 and the Air Jordan 6.

Three styles, one model

When it was created in the 1980s, the Air Jordan 1 adopted a silhouette inspired by the Nike Air Force 1 and the Nike Air Ship: a leather upper and a rubber sole equipped with Nike Air technology for better cushioning.

The first Air Jordan 1 model is stamped with the "Jordan Wings" logo representing a winged ball. The Jordan brand will adopt after its creation in 1988 the logo "Jumpman" well known to sneakerheads today.

The Air Jordan 1 range was enriched in the following years with two new silhouettes: semi-top sneakers, the Air Jordan 1 Midand low top sneakers, the Air Jordan 1 Low. The original silhouette was renamed Air Jordan 1 High in reference to its high upper.

Collaborations and limited editions

The Air Jordan 1's incredible longevity is undoubtedly due to the numerous reissues it has been subjected to since the 1980s, both for the general public and in limited editions.

Sneaker enthusiasts have been snatching up the rarest models, born of collector's collaborations: Off White, Dior, J Balvin, Comme des Garçons, Travis Scott, Aleali May, Paris Saint-Germain, Vogue, Gatorade, Union LA, Quai 54, Maison Château Rouge, Clot...

The Air Jordan 1 are mixed, but among the countless reissues, some models are rather intended for women (Air Jordan 1 Mid White Black Light Arctic Pink, Air Jordan 1 Mid Pink Quartz, Air Jordan 1 Mid Pinksicle, Air Jordan 1 Low White Light Arctic Pink...), others are on the contrary rather appreciated by men(Air Jordan 1 Mid White Shadow, Air Jordan Mid Banned, Air Jordan 1 Low Reverse Bred...).

The Air Jordan 1, star of the small screen

In early 2021, the Air Jordan 1 is on everyone's lips, the number of clicks on the model increases by 460% and sales explode.

Netflix has just put online Lupin The French series is a hit and is at the top of the platform's worldwide top 10!

But what's the connection between the famous sneaker and the series starring Omar Sy? Viewers can't help but notice the pronounced taste of the main character, Assane Diop, aka Arsène Lupin, for the legendary Air Jordan 1! The sneaker addicts recognize a multitude of rare and iconic models on the feet of Omar Sy: Air Jordan 1 Mid Lakers Top 3, Air Jordan 1 Retro High Fearless UNC Chicago, Air Jordan 1 Mid Yellow Toe, Air Jordan 1 Off White ...

There is no need to say, in the realm of successful marketing moves, the Air Jordan 1 is undeniably queen!

How does the Air Jordan 1 fit?

The Air Jordan 1 are neither particularly large nor particularly small: you can therefore take your usual size.