The genius of the Dassler brothers

German brothers

History began in Germany in the 1920s. Two brothers, Rudy and Adi decided to establish a sports shoes company: Dassler brothers sports shoes company. Role setting is accurate, Rudi is responsible for sales, ADI is responsible of the production. The start was complicated and sales were not big enough. In 1936, when they gave a pair of shoes to Jesse Owens, a gold medalist at the Berlin Olympics, everything changed. All eyes turned to the shoes that led to his success.

The origin of the dispute between Puma and Adidas

During the Second World War, the relationship between the two brothers began to deteriorate. Rudy was asked to fight for the German army and would be arrested twice for desertion by the German army and cooperation with the Americans. Rudi, however, decided to blame his brother for everything because he believed he wanted to control the company on his own. When the factory closed in 1947, the split between the two brothers was permanent, when each brother decided to build his own brand. Adidas and Puma were born, and the conflict never stopped until the two brothers died.

A successful journey

Adidas will soon be convinced by Adidas, especially at an award in the 1950s, that this will lead to brand visibility. Rudy, on the other hand, faces more difficulties to launch his new brand. Since his son Amin regained the throne of the company after his father's death, Puma became a brand known in the world of today. He just decided to copy the Adidas way of working, so he would outsource the production of shoes. The war between the two brands will last for decades. When one side gains an advantage ("new contract, innovative technology...") the other side is eager to answer. Today, both brands are direct competitors behind the undisputed leader Nike.