Zoom in on the Air Jordan 4 Crimson Red Thunder

The year 2021 has been very rich in sneaker releases. Among the manufacturers at the origin of the numerous releases you may have participated in is of course the Swoosh brand and its famous subsidiary. Nike and the Jordan Brand have indeed regaled us with reissues of OG pairs, collaborations and new colors of their classics that have sometimes been very desired, to the point of having seen their launch finally postponed to 2022. This is the case of the Jordan 4 ''Red Thundera new version of Michael Jordan's fourth pro-model that will finally see the light of day after long weeks of waiting. Unveiled several months ago, the latest iteration of the AJ4 will be officially launched on January 15, the time for Kikikickz to present it to you before it joins on the store other popular variations of the model such as the inevitable Air Jordan 4 ''White/Oreoto name a few.

A new Air Jordan 4 Crimson Red Thunder to start the year.

Red Thunder'' is the name that the creative teams of the US firm have assigned to the one that attracts all eyes in these first days of 2022.

As a good connoisseur, you will probably have noticed that this color ''Red Thunder'', renamed in the meantime ''Crimson'' by the firm of Beaverton, is very close to the mythical Air Jordan 4 ''Bred of 1989. The basketball fans, and even more the Chicago Bulls, should not resist long to its charms. Especially since the AJ4 ''Red Thunder'' has not only inherited the colors of the Michigan franchise. The star of the day is indeed articulated around a superb black suede upper that the successors of Tinker Hatfield have paired with hints of red spread across the base of the front tongue, the TPU lace eyelets, the side panels and much of the midsole. The rest of the shoe is displayed in a relevant black recall, with the exception of the visual details that make up the branding. To the chagrin of purists, it is the Jumpman that prevails here, including on the heel.

Jordan 4 Red Thunder/Crimson
Jordan 4 Red Thunder/Crimson
Jordan 4 Red Thunder/Crimson

The Air Jordan 4 Crimson Red Thunder, which you can already discover on Kikikickz, is no less effective for all that. Carefully crafted down to the last detail, it offers great opportunities to matchingfor both men and women. Notice to all retro sneaker lovers, if there is a pair to copy at the beginning of this year, it is definitely her.

  • Colors : Black/White-Red
  • SKU : CT8527-016
  • Release date: January 15, 2022

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Diakite Ali Apr 28, 2022


Goguelin Jan 8, 2022

À acheter d’urgence au début car je pense que la Air Jordan 4 ‘’Red Thunder’’ est un modèle qui va valoir très rapidement cher.. comme la Black Cat !!

Amal Jan 8, 2022