Yeezy, the construction of a real empire

How not to devote an article to the Yeezy? Those whose 5 letters form the nickname of a man named Kanye West has marked the history of the sneaker. A genius for some, a madman for others, it is by establishing the rarity of its models that the singer has managed to make a place in this world prized.

Whether you know his story or not, do not worry, we take the time to bring you up to date!


It all began 15 years ago, with a first collaboration between Nike and the American rapper. Together, they revisit a classic of the brand, the Air Max 180, in tribute to the album "The College Dropout" album. album by Kanye.

A more impressive tongue, a pink swoosh and air cushions in the center of the sole, this sneaker is the subject of many questions. Due to theunique size produced, the 46, it unfortunately does not get the expected glory. A daring choice on the part of the singer, which proved to be detrimental ...

But this did not prevent the one who grew up in the streets of Chicago to pursue his new dream : to become a reference of the fashion world.

Make no mistake, Adidas was not the first brand to believe in Kanye West to launch a sneaker, but his direct competitor, Nike.


After a few years of loss in the fashion world, success finally knocked on the rapper's door. In collaboration with the Swoosh brand, Kanye West creates the very first Yeezy, the Air Yeezy 1 "Grammy. A nod to the Grammy Awards show, where the artist wore for the first time this pair. The sneaker is equipped with the latest technology: visible in the dark, it includes a system "lace-rock" to lace the pair without having to do anything. A pure wonder!

The Air Yeezy 1 quickly finds its fans and pleases so much that it is declined in three other colors the following months.

Despite the arrival of an Air Yeezy 2, Kanye West remains on his end: he wants to free his creativity without being restricted with the existing models of Nike.


A few years later, the brand with the three stripes finally burst into Kanye's life! While it had remained passive until then, it finally offers the talented designer the perfect deal: the freedom of expression demanded and a higher income than at Nike.


In 2013, Kanye West landed at Adidas with sketches that he had previously offered to Nike and that would come to life two years later with his new partner! The Yeezy Boost 750 is born and features the latest cushioning technology dubbed Boost. Very quickly, the price of the pair rises, and sales follow.

Four months later, it is the turn of the Yeezy Boost 350 !

A favorite for both sneaker lovers, but also for all fans of the streetwear. This sneaker is surely the one that made Yeezy enter the legend of sneakers and became a brand in its own right. A reference in the world of streetwear ! Ask a sneaker fan friend to name a Yeezy, there is no doubt that it will be listed in his top 3 !

Since I started making sneakers, I always wanted as many people as possible to wear them. Kanye West (Twitter, October 2018)

Then follow pairs that put everyone in agreement. Although the sneakers are designed for the ground, you can't really tell this man is walking, no, Kanye West is flying above it all!


Nothing is to be taken for granted, any means is good to use to sell. Thus, Kanye West even takes advantage of Kim Kardashian's fame by hiring models such as Jordyn Woods, Sami Miroor even Paris Hilton. He transforms them into look-alikes of his wife, some even accessorize with the famous blonde wig, in order to promote his collection of ready-to-wear Yeezy. A publicity which is a hit since dozens of paparazzi will rush on the young women to photograph them - a fiery com blow on the web!


Combine a heightened creativity with a sharp understanding of business, and you'll get a renowned collaboration! At the head of 5.5 billion euros, Kanye West became one of the icons of streetwear and built a fashion empire. Supported by Adidas on the knowledge of the sneak market, they will decide together to restrict the number of pairs on the market, based on a principle as old as the world, the rarity.

The Yeezy V1 has become a collector's item, almost impossible to find in its new version, or just in good condition, at the right price.

After a musical success, it is on the catwalk that Kanye's imprint has managed to mark the world. Would it be possible to stop a team that works so well? How far will he go with YEEZY? Will his pending divorce with the beautiful Kim fail him? Only time will tell.


Article written by Alice Villa

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