Travis Scott X playstation 5

Travis Scott x Playstation 5

An amazing collaboration

use Partnership from Nike shoes reach McDonald'sWe can ask ourselves: who are we with Travis Scott Did he not cooperate? However, the indisputable King Rap American Yesterday, he suddenly announced that he would cooperate with King DuPont game video : play.

But what does this partnership mean ?

Travis Scott Show yesterday's cooperation Instagram Through a black-and-white unexpected video, let him sit in a chair, in front of the sound system and television, the latest start PS5 Interweave with staff clips Sony Rock on consumer goods cactus jack And a game Nike dunes Unprecedented
Clip didn't say much about Travis Scott's partnership with Playstation, but in a statement that followed, rappers described creativity and creative partnership in more detail.

this clip Don't say too much about it cooperation come in Travis Scott and playBut in a later statement, the LTTE elaborated on this in more detail.Creative partnership".

"I am very grateful and excited to be able to bring strategic and creative vision to the deployment of such a symbolic product." Share rapnotes I've always been a fan of the brand and game she founded, and it's a great achievement for me to find a new company that believes in the cactus Jack label, and I believe he will complete his brand. This is just the beginning of an incredible partnership.

On their website “Sony Playstation” express Partnership Born in Travis Scott most important of all fanPage: 1 In the new The role of strategic creative partnersIf you find this content inappropriate, please log in and report it to us. Cactus Jack Around the long-awaited export Sony's next console

To start Travis He found out Reconstruction of broadcasting room In Japan And other creative collaborations are still a mystery, as we can see Dune x Soon fell down, so that can match the output time. Playstation 5 November ?

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