When the Yeezy becomes a real art object

"A pair of Nike Air Yeezy 1 sneakers by Kanye West sold for $1.8 million, a new record [...] A global fever has gripped the sneaker world." - France Info (04/27/21)

There is no longer any doubt about the vitality of the sneaker market, but once again its craze is proven by this special sale. It all starts here with a prototype that the famous American rapper wore in 2008 during the Grammy Awards. Who says prototype, says product unique and rare. But this rarity refers to a mechanism as old as the world, the supply and demand, which the sneaker market is an actor and supporter.

In addition to this, the desire caused in the customer to the release of the last pairs the customer, pushing him to consume. Reciprocally, this enthusiasm creates new desire and a perpetual mechanism takes place.

This also means that we are witnessing a real transition from a utilitarian object to a object of collection. The emergence of a real parallel economy of resell around the basketball is launched, leaving the opportunity to many reselling platforms to be born.

Finally, it is important to underline the importance of collaborations and sources of influence in this field, such as Kanye Westwhich legitimizes even more the notoriety of the sneaker. As this auction demonstrates, the world of basketball today touches the general public as much as collectors, allowing the sneaker to be introduced as a art object.

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