Why the sneaker is the perfect gift for Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching. It's time to think about the first gifts, the ones that will require a certain delivery time. This is our chance to point out, if you still need convincing, that a pair of sneakers is the perfect gift for the holidays. The proof:

  1. Because the sneaker pleases the little ones as well as the adults. From the kid who wants to show off in the playground to the grandfather who wants to get his baguette in comfort, everyone wears sneakers. So there's no doubt about its reception: it will be useful, at the very least, and in any case appreciated.
  2. Because there is something for every use and every taste. Brands have multiple models and they are endlessly declined. Enough to delight the minimalists as well as the audacious, the utilitarian as well as the fashionistas, the sportsmen as well as the artists' fans, if one intends to draw from a collaboration or a special edition celebrating a culture.

  3. Because it's a stylish object. In any case.

  4. Because there is no need for packaging. It's already prepared. In addition to being unifying, the sneaker is accommodating.

  5. Because no need to wonder too much about the size. Contrary to the sapes, for which we always wonder if the lucky one did not put on weight between two family meetings, the toes do not move.

  6. Because at worst, there are never too many of them. Unlike other objects, giving a sneaker twice - and more - is not prohibitive. Even if by chance you double a pair, you will not be held responsible. Very convenient, this sneaker.

  7. Because the sneaker is accessible, and a limited edition does not necessarily cost a lot.. The proof with our selection below.

  8. Because there is Kikikickz if after all that, you still wonder which model to choose. We are here to guide you through the different selections on the site. Here are a few hints:

Which pair to offer to parents?

Stay in the purified and bet on nostalgia. Dad lived his youth in the 80s? Choose a pair that reminds him of the good old days, like an Air Force 1. For mom, who is more into running, the aesthetics of a New Balance will certainly have an effect.

Which pair to offer to grandparents?

A sober dad shoe. A New Balance would also do the trick, but why not a YEEZY BOOST 700? Which to spoil nothing, is equipped with an Ortholite insole - but no need to tell the interested party.

Which pair to give to a kid?

A model that is both trendy, current and colorful. Go for an Air Jordan 1 Mid Gym Red or Dark Teal without apprehension. And if we're talking about a hype man, go for one of Sacai's latest creations like the Undercover Bright Citron.

Which pair to give to a sneakerhead?

No, you don't have to break the bank to please a purist. A classic with historical resonance will definitely touch him, like the Nike Dunk Low Georgetown echoing the "Be True to Your School" OG pack.

In this period of intense gift hunting, ordering from Kikikickz is the assurance of being delivered in time for Christmas!

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Bonjour j’aimerais bien offrir à mon frère les Jordan 4 taille 41 pour Noël