Exploring duality, conveying the positive - Meet the creative Melvin

Turning negative into positive". This is the mantra of Melvin, a 27-year-old multi-hatted creative who is the face of our new campaign, in which he highlights his main activity and great passion, dance. "ExperimentalExperimental", says the native of Le Mée-sur-Seine when asked about his style. Personal, above all. For while Melvin mixes expressions he's discovered over the course of his long training, from hip-hop to modern, it's his life that inspires his movements.

I was born with a deformity called clubfoot. My feet and ankles were upside down.he confides. I went through a long rehabilitation process, and today my movements are inspired by my deformity. I've also been burned, which is also something I draw on, as well as a death in my family... I've used all these powerful moments to create my own body language.". He draws graceful gestures from a convoluted journey, and harmony from tribulations. Melvin dances on scars, drawing inspiration from pain to find and share joy. 

Melvin's journey, which is now embodied in his dance, is one he puts to good use for others. He has turned what he describes as his "process"into a personal coaching method, and underlines his pride "to be able to help people develop as human beings or as artists, to help them grow, find themselves and feel better.". What's more, this process is the vector of a visual identity from which the creative can benefit brands as a model or art director. 

Style is an integral part of Melvin's abundant universe, and like his dance, mixes influences. "I really like futuristic, techwear and utilitarian styles.he enumerates. Big Acronym inspiration. I mix hiking with motorsport, harnesses with ultra-biky pieces. My style is similar to my dancing, in the sense that I have a very structured side and at the same time a great deal of freedom.". This he expresses brilliantly in our campaign around the Nike Dunk Low Black Whitethe famous Panda.

We followed a direction that played on the balance between black and white, evoking negative events that I transformed into positive ones. The idea was also to highlight the importance of the Dunk has in urban culture, which echoes the positive impact I want to have on the people around me."explains the designer. Black and white, negative and positive, frame and detachment. Dualities that Melvin plays with and balances. Let's dance. 

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Alexandre Pauwels

Journaliste sneakers, mode, lifestyle. Auteur du livre "Sneakers Obsession".