Nike Air Rubber dunk x Off-White

Nike Air Rubber Dunk x Off-White

After the recent released of the Air Jordan 5 " Sail » and its meteoric success Air Jordan 4, Virgil Abloh and sound label continue the continuation of his work alongside the brand at the swoosh. Collaboration between Nike, Jordan and Off White so will not stop anytime soon.

Indeed, as a result of certain rumor hinting at the end of this collaborative pursuit, we can now say that their story is not ready to stop. Since they started working together in 2017, Virgil Abloh,  artistic director of Louis Vuitton: men, and Nike have produced a phenomenal number of conceptual sneakers more appreciated than each other. After serving us a slew of declination soon model the most iconic of the Swoosh brand, Off white returns today with a brand new model in line with the current wave of craze for Dunk: there Nike Air Rubber Dunk.

Driven by the thirst for creation, Virgil Abloh this time we propose a reappropriation of the model under the name of "Nike Rubber Dunk ». The latter was revealed for the first time at the beginning of the year through a publication Instagram from the American designer.

The main objective of Abloh through these Dunks, was to highlight the legacy technical of Nike. Inspired by other models from the catalog of sneakers of the Beaverton Brand, the Rubber Dunks are equipped with a Air presented in the midsole and resume the "Shape » original from the end of 90s and the beginning of 2000s. In addition, the latter pay tribute to the Pegasus line beyond an upper typeP-6000, as well as a sole « Gum » in rubber having cradled a whole generation.

Speaking of the latter partnership, Virgil Abloh stated "Focusing on this modernist wave is part of the original logic of collaboration. It's about incorporating ideas from the past into a new era - designing with purpose and cultural relevance to arrive at something new."





Finally the different colorways proposed are for each, a exclusive regional having also been carefully studied. Indeed, its 3 versions consist, first of all, of a model Gold. First of all this first color, available only in China and in Asia Pacific, sporting a golden hue refers to the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. While declination "University blue » colors blue and white pays tribute to the colorway original soon 2000s and is available in Europe, the Means-East and in Africa. Finally, we find an iteration « Black Green » available exclusive to America, is about to be the color "must-have » for its creator.

What about you? Rather "University Blue » or "Black Green » ?

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Article written by Solal Fima




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