Nike Air Force 1 "Tear Away

Nike Air Force 1 « Tear Away »

Its history:

The highly iconic Nike Air Force 1 has compiled a variety of new styles over the course of this year beyond a plethora of outfit changes, from detailing colorways like ACG scribbled Swooshes, to collaborations with industry icons like Don C and Hiroshi Fujiwara. The model now takes a moment to move away from simple modifications that simply involve a change in color: Yes! Because we find through this iteration a complete deconstruction of the famous model. Indeed, we have to go back to 2003 to better understand the history of this pair. These are actually a nod to Geoff McFetridge, former art director of the Beastie Boys' Grand Royal magazine, who was the first person to introduce the famous tear-off upper through his Nike Vandal High colorway. Through this modernized version inspired by the artist's work, it is now the consumer who slips into the skin of the designer through this modernized version opting for a "Do it Yourself" approach.

Its design:

At first glance: nothing very extravagant...

Its very basic, all-white appearance will not surprise many people. But behind this veil, there are some suspicious details such as the mention "Tear Here" or a pair of scissors that let us guess that there is something hidden underneath. Indeed, once the fabric is removed, the upper is replaced by a second layer of leather with multicolored inserts. The classic pair becomes a ray of colour.

Anecdote: In addition, we will note a well worked packaging since the pair seems to be accompanied by a closed pocket on which are written the do's and don'ts in order to proceed to the cutting of the initial layer.

Find the Nike Air Force 1 "Tear Away" right here.

Article written by Solal Fima

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