The Simpsons with an Edith Piaf twist: The recipe for happiness at Paris Fashion Week

Les Simpson sous un air d’Édith Piaf : La recette du bonheur retrouvé à la Fashion Week de Paris

The show was allowed to happen, and it did. After several Fashion Weeks truncated by the pandemic, the Paris Spring/Summer 2022 Women's Fashion Week, which took place from September 27 to October 5, allowed us to fully reconnect with the physical shows. And by the same token, to rediscover a playful fashion that calls us to come out of our cocoons and project ourselves towards the world before.

"Balenciaga won the Fashion Week

It's paradoxical, but the first thing we'll remember about this predominantly physical Fashion Week - 80 shows out of 97 - is a digital presentation. The work of the inevitable Balenciaga: already among the most skilful during the period of forced digitalization, the House surprised the world this time by parading... the Simpsons.

The apotheosis of a two-stage show, starting with a red carpet ceremony in trompe l'oeil where celebrities, models and members of the brand followed one another without anyone knowing which look really belonged to the collection. Everyone then gathered to watch an episode of the famous series, whose characters parade in Balenciaga in a humorous story that plays on the clichés of fashion and France. " Balenciaga won the Fashion Week," exclaimed the critics.

La vie en rose

One of the stereotypes in the Balenciaga x The Simpsons video is the Edith Piaf classic 'La vie en rose', which can be set as the soundtrack to this Fashion Week. Where the last few editions - for both men and women - were all about cocooning with comforting pieces, the return of the physical has broken with this dynamic to establish a new enthusiasm. And that's precisely what the colour pink is all about.

Pink happiness, pink romance, pink candor. Like the promise of a better tomorrow, which will resemble the days before. In its wake, bright shades are on the rise, reviving distinct aesthetics. Dior's wardrobe was inspired by the psychedelic sixties, Saint Laurent and Chanel by the disco of the 80s, while Louis Vuitton played the masked ball and Givenchy rock & roll.

It was a festive air that floated over this Fashion Week, sublimated by the staging, like the show for 6000 spectators orchestrated by Balmain. To the colours were added prints, fringes, embroidery, feathers and flashy jewels. Loewe and LV reinvented the bib dress, while Chanel turned swimwear into evening wear. Bodies are shown or extrapolated, gliding along in vertiginous heels that we imagine clacking to the rhythm of the La Môme standard.

The joy of wearing daring sneakers

If this Fashion Week was mainly about pumps - which were not lacking in fun, like Loewe and its heels in the shape of eggs, candles or... pink - sneakers were not left out. And it was Balenciaga again that made the headlines, between Crocs, runners with tyre soles and a tapered shoe notably endorsed by Offset.

On the way to extravagance, Balmain also made its mark with a liner slide, as well as Givenchy with a so YEEZY slip-on.

There were even a few collaborations. Lanvin won the award for originality with its Cub Batman skateshoe, while COMME des GARÇONS continued its partnership with Salomon for a new salvo of technical pairs, and Miu Miu joined forces with New Balance for 574s with a frayed finish.

From head to toe and from start to finish, imagined in homage to the late Alber Elbaz, this Fashion Week proved to be refreshing. After a few reassuring seasons, this women's Spring/Summer 2022 edition sounds like the melody of a newfound happiness. And it speaks to us, all but softly, of a life in the pink.

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