The dictionary of the Sneakers enthusiast

The world of sneakers has long fascinated and intrigued. While our references were reduced to stores such as Courir or Foot Locker, today this flourishing market has seen the birth of many new digital players have emerged.. Sneakers are an integral part of our daily lives and bring together a host of enthusiasts on the lookout for the latest trends and news. A market that does not wait and whose terms are known to be specific.

And if you don't understand the codesyou are considered as "has-been".

But Kikikickz is there, and has concocted just for you the Dico of the enthusiast.


Heel, n. Heeled part of the pair. We call "heel tab" a detail on the back part of the pair.

Insole, n.Insole of the sneaker.

Midsole, n.Midsole: A midsole that sits between the upper and the outsole.

Eyelet, n.Small hole through which laces are passed.

Outsole, n.Outsole of the sneaker.

Side, n.Side: The outer side of the shoe where the brand logo is most often found.

Toebox, n.Toebox: The toe of the shoe that most often has small holes for ventilation. Some brands even try to make it transparent.

Tongue, n.Tongue: A tongue that protects the upper part of the foot.

Upper, n.The upper side of the shoe covering the foot.


DS (DeadStock), expr.Expression indicating that a pair of sneakers is new (never worn).

DSWT (DeadStock with Tags), expr.Expression indicating that a pair is new, the tags are still present.

Fake, expr.Expression used to denounce a counterfeit product.

Legit, adjMeans the authenticity of a pair. Can be used by sellers to justify the legitimacy of the pair.

L/C (Legit Check), expr.Reliability check. Expression to ask the members of a group if a pair offered for sale is authentic.

OG, expr.: Designates the original colorway of a pair.

Rocker, v: Action of wearing a pair.

SKU, n.Identification code of a pair of sneakers.

UNDS (UnDeadStock), v: Action of wearing a new pair for the first time (example: "I have UNDS").

VNDS (Very Near DeadStock), expr. Expression indicating that a pair is almost new.

Worn, v. : Action of wearing a pair.


Ban, v. : Ban a person from a group.

Camp, vAction of camping in front of a store and waiting for the release of a coveted pair of sneakers.

Instore, n.Term used for retail stores.

Release Date, n. : Release date.

Resell(er), v and n.: To resell a product while making a profit. The reseller is a reseller who lives from his reselling activity.

Restock, n.: Replenishment of stock.

Sample, n.Sample of a pair designed before its official release.

Shipping, n.Shipping.

Size Swap, v. Exchange a pair (identical) to get its size.

Swoosh, n. The comma logo of Nike.


COP, expr.: Derived from the expression COP, the word means "to buy a pair".

DROP, expr.: Refers to the fact of not wanting to buy a pair. Opposite of "cop".

Raffle, nRaffle organized during sneaker releases in limited quantities allowing to have a chance to buy a prized pair.

GR (General Release), expr.: Indicates the scheduled sneaker releases from the retailers (Run, Footlocker, Chausport, etc.).

GS (Grade School), expr.: Indicates that a pair is available in all sizes (men, women and children).

L (Loose), expr.Means "Loose" - "loser". A word used when one does not succeed in buying the desired pair.

LPU (Last Pick Up), expr.: Last purchase(s) of sneakers.


WTB (Want to Buy), expr.Willingness to buy a pair.

WTS (Want to Sell), expr.: Volonted to sell a pair.

WTT (Want to Trade), expr.: Volonty to exchange a pair.

Trade, v: Échange his pair of sneakers for another one.

Retail, n: Precommended or taxed sales price (example: He bought this pair at retail price).

Resell, n: Prix of resale of a pair of sneakers.

PP Ready (PayPal Ready), expr.Indicates that a buyer has enough money in their PayPal account to complete the purchase (example: you can find on Facebook groups "WTB ... PP ready").

Meet-up, v. and n.Means "meeting". When a buyer wishes to acquire a pair of shoes, he sometimes prefers to meet to ensure the good conformity of the product.

Flakern.A person who withdraws at the last minute during a buying or selling process even though both parties have agreed on the terms of sale.

Scamern.: An: An ill-intentioned buyer and/or seller who simply wants to scam.


BOTn.: Robot to facilitate the purchase of rare and limited pairs.

ATC (Add To Cart)expr.: add to cart. Robots make it easy to add sneakers to the cart via an automated system. This practice considerably increases the chances of acquiring a pair during limited releases.

You are now a sneaker expert ! No more excuses not to tell your friends. Our volume 2 of the Enthusiast's Dictionary is coming soon, stay tuned!

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