Is the sneaker today an art object?

La sneaker : un objet d’art ?

A work of art can be defined as an artistic creation that is generally intended to be decorative or even admiring. Available in a wide range of colours and designs, the sneaker nowadays fits this definition without hesitation. Often prized, rarity highlights its quality. So if we can collect paintings, why not collect sneakers with ever more surprising and sought-after designs. What are the reasons of such a success and why can we really qualify it as such? Our team is investigating!

Collected and speculated

Do you have in mind the image of those auction houses where amateurs and collectors are struggling to find the lucky one? Well, the sneaker is on the same playing field!
The speculations of which it is the object are quite surprising and have caused its sales to explode in recent years. Because of the democratization that they have experienced, a real marketplace around the sneaker was born, where sellers and retailers exchange their models at prices often very volatile.

Sneaker culture

Beyond the object that we collect, the sneaker is also a real culture in itself as it is popularized in all its forms. Sometimes appearing in shapes that don't fit our feet - sometimes as a keychain, a piece of jewelry, a figurine or even a monument - all these creations in its effigy prove the admiration that it arouses in society today.

The scope of storytelling

The euphoria surrounding the sneaker does not come from nowhere. It has been described as a work of art, and it has to be said that, like an artist's painting, it tells a unique story. It is this storytelling that allows a pair such as the Air Jordan 1 to reach so many people: the basketball player's touch gives the sneaker value, as well as the necessary sales pitch.

Collaborations and society

The phenomenon of scarcity is becoming more and more apparent with the collaborations that several brands are offering. Indeed, they will allow to give value to the sneakers and to democratize this side only street to which we were accustomed in the first decades of the shoe. Among the most iconic, we can mention those of Virgil Abloh with his label Off-White, which can be found in other major fashion houses such as Chanel or Dior.

What about you?

If streetwear is taking a big place in our modern society, it is now these limited and precious models that fans are looking out for. So, if the sneaker is a special work of art, what are you waiting for to collect some?

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