Soccer & Fashion: when one influences the other!

We are at the end of June 2021, and Euro 2020 is starting. The opportunity for many to get together and celebrate the festivities across the continent by supporting their favorite players. Real fashion references that we identify with! And it's not just a trend but a real style that has taken root around.Kikikickz comes back on this unprecedented stylistic and sneakers influence!

Precursory collaborations

If the style of the players is much imitated by the fans as well as the amateurs, it is because of their influence in the field and their collaborations with the big sports brands. Indeed, sports equipment manufacturers - such as Nike or Adidas - participate in this trend with the paraphernalia they provide to players who have become influencers.Many are those who follow closely each collaboration to get the coveted hype.

Soccer at Fashion Week

During this week of Fashion Week, football boots are at the heart of the luxury brands' catwalks. Just as fashion is inspired by streetwear or the street, the soccer style has managed to impose itself as a new strategic lever for brands. Among the female public, we find during the spring-summer 2021 fashion show at Miu Miu the Nappa. Laces, tongue, studs, everything is there to represent the famous soccer sneaker!

A widespread streetwear culture

All the celebrations around soccer in general promote by themselves its rise in streetwear culture. It happens that the logos of the big equipment manufacturers are imitated on clothes like for example the very representative bands of the Adidas brand. A way of life and consumption has thus been articulated around the phenomenon, everything is taken up, and in particular in the men's wardrobe.

Are you a soccer fan too?

Over the years, soccer as a way of life has become more and more popular. Luxury brands have demonstrated the scope of this phenomenon by integrating it 100% in their collections. All the influences are good to provoke general trends, it remains to understand what allows their rise and our infatuation!

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