Have you ever thought about combining ecology and fashion?

Avez-vous déjà songé à allier écologie et mode ?

Being responsible while wearing sneakers is possible!

Ecology and fashion, two worlds not so far apart

Today, many brands are investing in the sneaker market. We can count more than 150 just in France. The problem, and you are surely already aware of it, is the pollution force of synthetic materials which, moreover, implies consequent costs of manufacture and transport.

At first glance it seems difficult to associate the notion of ecology with the world of sneakers, difficult but not impossible...

Indeed, in view of the global issues of the last decades, some brands have decided to contribute in their own way, combining fashion and ecology.

Among them, we can count Ector, the brand 100% made in France, or Corail, thanks to which you can spend a nice holiday in Marseille, since it gets rid of your waste found on the beaches to recycle them in its sneakers. There is also Veja, the sneaker thought differently with a positive impact at each stage of production, without any advertising or marketing expenses.

And if the smallest brands are an example to follow, the biggest ones have also decided to take this step.

With its "Move to Zero" campaign, Nike is now trying to move towards a zero-carbon, zero-waste sneaker. Its competitor Adidas has gone even further, by joining forces with the Parley for the Oceans Foundation to produce a 100% recyclable sneaker: the FutureCraft Loop. A sneaker that only asks to be sent back to be decomposed and then recycled, to obtain a new pair.

A bet that seemed quite crazy a few years ago is a real success today, and the concept fits very well with the times. By taking this step, these brands, which many idolize, are showing the way to help our planet survive as long as possible in time. Now that fashion and ecology have proven that they can go hand in hand, the field of possibilities seems unlimited!

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