Air Jordan 5 x Off-white “Muslin”

Air Jordan 5 x Off-white “Muslin”

At the start of the year, during the famous week of the Fashion Week, the world of sneakers was unveiled the first official look at the highly anticipated collaboration of Virgil Abloh through a pair Air Jordan 5. Just days after being spotted on the runways, the basketball subsidiary: Air Jordan officially announced that the collaboration would be launched during the NBA All-Star Weekend in the designer's hometown: Chicago.

A classic revisited!

One more time, Jordan allowed the undisputed master of fashion: Virgil Abloh to reinterpret a classic in the history of basketball. Like the Air Jordan I or the range "The Ten " sporting silhouettes retro from home Nike, the version "hype" of the Air Jordan 5, is unfolding through a general craze more than expected.


Some original fans of the sneakers could still have a certain problem with the fact that Abloh deconstruct totally the original model until you make them holes on one of Michael Jordan’s favorite models himself.

 But for the new generation of sneakerheads, this new iteration from Off white is the ultimate Grail sign! 

Purists who are sometimes skeptical ...

As is the case with all this kind of outing: the model obviously sold in less than a few seconds.

Through his label, Virgil Abloh today is the joy of many resellers. Indeed, the price of these sneakers is doomed to soar and unfortunately today it is a part inevitable of the sneakers ecosystem. But for the young fans sneakers in particular, these new versions of legendary sneakers are also a way to help preserve the story behind the product. This is why many collectors of original sneakers have recourse to checks and judge the young generation not to know the real details of original model from MJ in 1990 as the upper or the sole, totally unstructured by the design of Virgil Abloh...


His history

Indeed, the latter is certainly a designate oriented towards the detail.We thus find small inclusions on his projects like his famous “Zip tie” red or its markings orange sewn on Swoosh are the proof. The designer also told us that logo of the Mark Jordan was his favorite icon and that he had even used it on one of these costumes Halloween as logo of Super hero that he wanted to embody. The label of the famous basketball player means something very important to him. It is therefore not surprising that upon closer examination the details of this Air Jordan V are much more calculated than they appear. First of all, the overall shape of the model seems faithful to the model of 1990 than Michael Jordan actually wore on the ground. Details like the teeth of shark Cement Print inspired by the fighter planes of the Second War global on the sole intermediate, a reflective tongue stamped with Jumpman bright red and the white "23" on the side heel are reminiscent of the "Metallic" V worn by the basketball player. The brand OG NikeAir is present on the sole exterior, the sole interior and also embroidered on the heel : accents that are not commonly presented on Jordan Retro v of today.


The midsole has even been pre-yellowed to look like the oxidation you would see on a pair of 1990s Jordan Vs if you took them out of their box in 2020.

Its Design

Of course, this is a collaboration Off-white which we are talking about, so there are also a lot of characteristic touches of its designer.

We obviously find its emblem there: a “Zip-tiethis time black accompanied by the inscription of "SHOELACES"at the laces. New design elements also appear on this model such as cut out circles on the upper which can be punched if the wearer so desires. One of the most striking details is surely having given to the “V” a deconstructed look, by stripping the lining, making the silhouette less voluminous, and therefore more “wearable” in a fashion environment oriented towards the lifestyle.







What future ?

For this new wave of sneaker fans, Virgil Abloh could be their Michael jordan of today.

This new approach to a classic basketball is different enough to give the generation current something of new on which she could turn while not abandoning the design of original model. So, Abloh always kept him faithful to his roots: what is important for purists and for instrumentalists of a young fanbase learning the story of a generation they never knew. In this, the sneaker will probably be on the lists of "Must-have" of this year 2020 so much for a public former collectors that for dedicated youth and passionate to become.


Find the Air Jordan 5 "Muslin» here

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Article written by Solal Fima

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