“Air Jordan 1 mid White Shadow”

“Air Jordan 1 Mid White Shadow”

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This new version of the famous color "shadow" shows its shadow and disappears in the middle model of the Jordan Airlines logo 1. Made up of black and gray uppers and white soles, the first version of Jordan 1 shadow was launched in 1985 and became one of the 14 colors in the collection.


Like all Jordan airlines, the latter was designed by designer Peter Moore. However, it should be noted that Michael Jordan hated the design. Finally, the players finally joined the model design to make it so popular today.

From 1985 to 1987, for example, Jordan I ruled the world, exporting an exclusive model each year.

In 1987, Nike stopped production of Jordan 1, which will take about eight years before the first aj1 "reverse" aircraft is sold.


From now on, since 1994, Nike has been pushing back versions of the original model at a sustained rate. However, this new version of Jordan No. 1 shadow "only marks the fourth appearance of this classic coroway, while colors such as" Chicago "or" Royal game "appear almost ten times.


It's reminiscent of these numbers... How many times have you received feedback in the original colors, and how do you compare them to each other?


About "black gray" colors: as mentioned above, there are four colors.

First, the original model was adopted in 1985 and reprinted for the first time in 2009. The third replay will have to wait until 2013, and the last is the last version shown in the middle model through the new jordan 1 mid "white shadow" model, which this year converts part of its last full shadow to a brighter white look.

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