The new Air Jordan 1 "Lucky Green

Everyone has directly in mind the iconic "Chicago Bulls »  when it comes to Michael Jordan.

However, the Boston Celtics have a big role to play in the player's legacy. After an exit from the Jordan 13 sporting the colors of this team, the Jumpman brand brand is once again referring to the Celtics ! But then what is behind this new model?

Its "History

Well well well... we now know that the Jordan 13 refers to the Celtics but this news Air Jordan 1 "Lucky Green has a much deeper and different story!

Let's go back to the first round of the 1986. Today, any self-respecting basketball fan knows that the 1985-86 team was one of the best in the history of the Celtics !

But what really interests us is the second game between the Bulls and the Celtics. That season, Jordan was sidelined with a broken foot.

But... as usual the player came back with a bang. Many consider this game to have paved the way for the iconic status that the man now known as the "His Airness".. Four quarters and two overtimes later, the Celtics won 135-131. However, Michael Jordan managed to score 63 points in this game! Even Larry Bird commented on what a great player MJ was after this game.


The "Design"

Did you think a simple pair of sneakers could reflect all this detail?

Well, now you will know. The new Jordan 1 Lucky Green features a white leather upper layered with green leather "Lucky Green" ! We already know that this green reminds us of the Celtics. However, the wings of the model will come to dress the set of delicate red touches (in reference to the "Chicago Bulls ") accompanied by the logoNike Air logo on the tongue!Sneakerhead or basketball fanthis pair should be in your collection soon enough.


But wait, that's not all...

These sneakers remind us of something beyond the basketball court. The very precious Nike Dunk Heineken 2003 shares the same two-tone red and green set!

So if you can't afford to spend 5,000 dollars for the latter, you'd better keep your eyes on the sublime Jordan 1 "Lucky Green".

Find now the model, available on

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Article written by Solal Fima.
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