Air Jordan 1“Lucky Green”

Air Jordan 1 « Lucky Green »

Everyone will think of those icons directlyChicago Bulls » When it comes to Jordan.

however Boston Celtic It plays a big role in the player's legacy. After an exit Jordan 13 In the colors of this team Jumpman Again Celts ! But what lies behind the new model?

His "history"

well We now know that jordan 13 mentioned Celts But the news Air Jordan 1“Lucky Green” For a more profound and different story! Page: 1

Back to the first knockout round 1986Page: 1 Today, all the fans who respect the basketball team 1985-86 This is one of the best in French history. Celts !

But what we're really interested in is the second game bull and CeltsPage: 1 This season Jordan He was isolated because of a broken foot.

But As usual, the players started again. Many people think that this game is called today "His air"Page: 1 Four quarters and two extensions Celtic took 135-131Page: 1 however Jordan Success marks 63 points In this game! Larry Bird also stressed how good MJ was after the game


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Now you will know Journalism Lucky green With a white leather rod covered with a green leather layer "Lucky green" ! We already know that green reminds us CeltsPage: 1 However, the wings of the model will wear a delicate set of red keys ("reference").Chicago bull Attach logoNike shoes On the lobster! Page: 1Snake head or Basketball fansThese should be in your collection soon.


But wait, that's not all.

These basketballs remind us of something that goes beyond the court Very precious Nike dunk Heineken 2003 Share the same red and green color combination! Page: 1

If you can't spend money $5000 For the latter, it is better to look at nobility Jordan 1“Lucky Green”

From now on, you can Kikikiz

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