Jordan 1 low purple

Air Jordan 1 Low “Court Purple” White

Through this new wave Jordan 1 lowdialog box Vault mark "Decided to come up with a new model, its color is very attractive"Short purple".

after Air Jordan 1 High OG“Court Purple” Last spring Jordan Use the same color pattern again, this time in the next version SymbolicPage: 1 Although the brand does not occupy a special position, such as some icon colors like models. ChicagoIn this case, it is color What we need most now In recent weeks Jordan Airlines 1m and low This new overlap is joining this very closed club with great enthusiasm. new generation.

His design

Like its predecessors, the General Assembly adopted the United Nations Convention on the law of the sea at its fifty sixth session. Jordan one low altitude purple Wear the middle soleCentral soleyPage: 1 White leather A month ago SWARCH stay Black leather The contrast above this Nubuck violet cover Tobox and heel go through Black Beef They will appear in a pair Among others Key elements From the perspective of design Small tongue stay Black nylon Your partner Vaulting horse sign White on it Finally, the middle soleCentral soleyWhite rubber shell ()UrsoleViolet did it Precision design.




that low, in or high ?

"Find three degradation symbols in their purple color" here.

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