The coveted Air Jordan 1 "Dark Mocha

A beautiful end of the year!

The Air Jordan 1 in its latest color "Dark Mocha". is the latest iteration of the famous mythical model of the brand with the Jumpman. Highly coveted due to the many images that have emerged in recent times, the Jordan 1 "Dark Mocha" is about to be released in a very short time after having seen its release date postponed multiple times. The very first model worn by the famous player Michael Jordanplayer, the Air Jordan 1 was originally marketed in variants high followed by variations averages and low over the years. Still today one of the sneakers most popular sneakers of all time, this one stands out today through a color that is appreciated by all.

But... a Jordan 1 High with a coffee brown outfit doesn't really tell you anything?

Yes, it does! Through this "new" color, the Jordan 1 "Dark Mocha" is not without reminding the origin of collaboration between Nike and the American rapper Travis Scott. More desirable than ever, the pair is made of leather nubuck leather and suede brushed for a premium quality. Emblematic of the firm, the swoosh present on each side brings a touch of black contrast, while the logo with iconic wings Wings logo remains on the tab and the collar of the sneaker. We thus find tones of brown and black perfectly balanced with a set of white leather on the lateral sides for a perfect so well done. The toebox (front of the pair) is slightly perforated as found on all Jordan 1s, while the black leather accents for their part, establish an approach chic and classic.

Concerning the lower part of the shoe, we will note a midsole (midsole) white and a outsole(outsole) black outsole with a set of pads from the technology "Nike Air" for a rendering ultra-comfortable.

Whether you're a seasoned collector or a budding insider, this new Air Jordan 1 "Dark Mocha" is definitely the pair you'll need to kick off this winter in style!

Find now the model available right here and benefit from exceptional promotions on the occasion of the Black week.

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Article written by Solal Fima



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