Air Force 1 “Pastel Shadow ”

Air Force 1 “Shadow Pastel ”

The centerpiece of the brand at the swoosh, the Air Force 1 has been following us in our daily lives for almost 40 years, to the delight of all !

A 40-year-old story !

Originally designated as part of the NBA, the famous basketball knew after a passage at the foot of great players completely reinvent themselves and cradle of many generations. Through a totally crazy number of declination, there Air Force 1 was prepared from all colours possible and imaginable and the least we can say is that we do not get tired of it !

Perfect example of its ever more invested evolution, we were able to discover just a year ago, the new collection "Shadow » through widespread infatuation. Provided with a line unstructured but also by its colours all more pleasant each other, this new line has very quickly made a name for itself in the field of sneakers. Among the latter, we find the now famous "Pastel Shadow »  released last summer, having already made the rounds of social networks and the most beautiful publications Instagram.

A design like no other...

Having been born for the first time in the month of September 2019, the first impressions of the line had surprise more than one. But let's be honest who saysnovelty can sometimes do fear. But as often, the surprise to quickly give way to enthusiasm especially through this new iteration « Pastel ».

In line with its previous variations, the Air Force 1 Shadow " Pastel » getting ready for a real softness through its light colors and charming. Primed from a dress of textured leather: we find large color range of which pink, the yellow, the purple as well as blue: all in set pastel true to the designation of the pair. By his mind avant-garde initiated by the first Air Force 1 Shadow, like its predecessors, this new declination takes up the signature elements line. Of note are: split panels, in the image of the Swoosh, the upper or the toebox. Finally we find the inscription "Nike » at the heel sublimating the design of the pair.




Find the Air Force 1 Shadow “Pastel” here.

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Article written by Solal Fima

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